Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where Did It Go????

You know I am talking about summer, right?  It just flew by.  School starts today for Elise & Jude.  I just went so fast.  It is like I took off running in May and I haven't stopped to rest.  I am tired.  On  the first day of summer we went out for breakfast and made a to-do list for the summer.  We really didn't do many of the things on the list.  Here are some of the things we did do: made tye dye tshirts, swimming in a lake, went to the zoo, water balloon fight, reading program at the library, went to the movies, had a picnic, went to West Virginia, went to Tennessee....

The neighborhood boys have been coming over and playing with my kids.  It is funny.  They play the Wii or go in the basement and throw these balls at each other.  Last week I took my kids to the neighborhood pool.  Two of the other boys decided to go with us.  I told them they had to behave if they walk in with me because then everyone would think they are with me and if they embarrass me I WILL embarrass them back.  They just laughed....  They were pretty good.  I did hear the one kid telling the life guard that I was his "guardian".  I denied it.  Jude is upset because I won't let him run around the neighborhood with them, without an adult.  Hey, when you do the work I do...you tend to be a little over-protective. 

Anyhoo....The day we got the school teacher list I was talking to the boys about which teacher they got (they are all 2nd graders).  Jude told them who his teacher is & the one kid was like, "Oh man....you are soooo LUCKY.  She lets you eat gum in her class AND you can even take it in the hall!"  That cracked me up.  I was thinking...I hope this lady doesn't give too much homework.  I HATE homework.  In another dimension - I am a homeschool Mom and my kids don't have "homework".  Well, I guess it would all be homework but oh so different. 

Last night Elise told me she does not want to go to Kindergarten.  I hope she doesn't cry or anything.  That would be bad.  I didn't cry when Jude went to school and I probably won't cry today.  You know what gets me???  When I am at school functions - like the first grade choir concert.  All these sweet little voices singing and being silly....so carefree.  So innocent.  I can look at them and see them grow up right before my eyes.  That is when I cry. 

Thursday is Open House.  Jake will be at work so I will be going alone.  Well, as alone as you can be with three kids.  When Jude was in kindergarten I realized there is a kid in his grade who's father I dated back in the day.  For two years I have avoided all contact with the guy.  This year the kid is in Jude's class.  Can you say awkward?  I don't know...  I want to erase that I know his favorite movie is Top Gun.  Honestly I barely knew the guy.  I knew his friends and that is how I met him.  The last time he asked me out he stood me up.  That is probably why I feel so weird, you know?  That is the ONLY time I was ever stood up.  EVER. 

Okay, one last thing.  I have decided to join the PTA this year.  I am not sayin' I will go to the meetings and all that but we'll see.  Baby steps....

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Danielle said...

When you find summer let me know.... AND You are still welcome to Erie, PA for a beach WEEKEND (even if it is early fall TECHNICALLY)..