Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Elise!!!!!!!

I tried to upload these in a certain order but it didn't work out for me. They aren't even just backwards but all messed up. Either way, here is my family....

Elise got into Jude's markers and wrote on herself....How cute.

This is Jude's serious look. I went in his room and he was sitting on his tool bench with his piggy bank in his lap, trying to count his money. This is one of his favorite past times.
Okay, this one should have been first....This is ME exactly one year ago today. Jake took this picture at 5:30 in the morning before we went in to have Elise. Man, I sure don't remember being that big!
One last marker picture. Check out those teeth.

Happy 1st Birthday Elise!


Stephanie said...

I can't believe she is one. Time flies. I also don't remember you being that big!~

Anonymous said...

How precious - I know what you mean. Kara is 7 months already!! Time does fly. I bet you can't wait until you are done with classes this weekend. I hope you get the dog. lol!! I am a dog person.

Jake said...

I keep saying Jude is going to do something in the financial industry, he is a money monger, always trying to swipe my change.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!- can't wait to see you guys next weekend.


toys r us kid(s) said...

You are so very lucky! Your children are beautiful! I can't wait until Gabriella and Elise get older and are best friends. Look out boys!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday little Elise!

Uncle Kelly wants you to come to Indiana to visit!

D, I have a new post!!!!!