Friday, May 05, 2006

This Week in Class....

This week I was in an upper middle class community teaching the program. It was a 6th grade class and it was nice to be in a classroom where the kids have talked about the facts of life with their parents. This is the same school I was at 7-8 years ago and a kid raised his hand and asked him how the sperm and egg ended up in the same place. When I told him, he cried. Isnt' that awful. Well, this week was fun. I gave the kids an assignment where they had to ask their parents questions about love. It is always cool to see what other adults think about the subject. One dad wrote this long romantic description of love. The girl told me her mom just rolled her eyes at his response. Well, then the girl told me her dad said for her to give me his number because I would probably want it after reading his paper. Ha ha ha. She said he always jokes like that and his mom is used to it. I just laughed and told her to tell her dad I have my very own Romeo at home.

Anatomy and Puberty day went smoothly. We had another teacher out teaching in the other 6th grade classroom. She had a kid throw up. I guess she didn't even know he got sick because he actually left the room then barfed. I was a little disappointed it wasn't in my room. Isn't that awful. I did have lots of funny questions and comments. Here is a list of some good ones.....

  • Testicles need to be "room temperature" in order to make sperm. That is why they are on the outside of the body.
  • Someone asked why the call it "The birds and the bees". I actually have this pamphlet about "talking to you kids about sex" the Ohio Dept. of Health put out in 1921 (Linda gave it to me). I was reading it and it suggests you explain how birds or bees carry pollen from one flower to another and that is how a flower is "fertilized" and can grow into a fruit or vegetable. So, if you ever wondered that you know.
  • One girl said, "Mrs. Miller, Let me get this straight- You have to have S-E-X to have a baby?" Later she asked a teacher's aid how Mary got pregnant with Jesus.
  • Pubic hair is to keep you warm.
  • One keg of beer (which is 15 gallons) has the same amount of alcohol as 1 shot of whiskey. Oh and so does a bottle of moonshine (how do these kids even know what moonshine is????). There is a question in one of the games that how much beer or wine is equal to the amount of alcohol in a shot of whiskey.
I only have 3 more weeks. The next two are at the same school. It is a hike but a good school, either way.


Anonymous said...

I think moonshine has a little more alcohol than any whiskey or at least what i have seems like it does!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're doing this and not me. It is interesting to hear what the kids think!
Aunt Nancy