Thursday, August 03, 2006

Funny Jen F Stories...

Jen is an old friend of mine. We worked together at East Side Mario's back in the day. There were like 4 or 5 Jen's working there at the time so we called them by Jen & the first initial of their last name. Needless to say, the name Jen F stuck and don't think I could ever just call her Jennifer or Jen. She'll is Jen F to me. We have always had a love/hate relationship. Although we don't talk that often anymore I think of her frequently. I think I have had more fights with her than I have had with anyone. We are both stupid. Our last fight (I can't even remember what it was about) happened in October. We didn't talk for months on end but when Jake was sick and in the hospital she called! We never talk about whatever our "last argument" was over. Either way, I was thinking about my past and trying to figure out what exciting and entertaining story I could tell you and I decided I am going to list some of my all time favorite all time Jen F moments.... I don't think I could even think about putting them in any particular order.

  • We used to go walking or roller blading a lot. I have tons of stories just surrounding those "exercise sessions". When I lived in Peninsula she would come over after work sometimes and say "We are going to walk!" So this one evening we set out at about 11 P.M. to take a power walk down Olde Eight Road. It was pitch black. We were going along just fine, chatting about something juicy I am sure - when we see this car coming behind us. As the car gets closer it began to slow down. It eventually pulled off to the side of the road we were on. We were both scared out of our minds. So Jen RUNS off and leaves me standing there frozen. It was a police officer. He questioned me and wanted to know why my friend ran. Uh...I don't know. I yelled for her to come back and she did. She had been hiding in some bushes. We didn't get into trouble or anything.
  • Another time we went for a walk down Olde Eight Road but I think it was more of a leasure walk. I remember it was a hot spring day and we were wearing flip flops. I had stopped along the way and picked a fist full of daisies to take back home with me. We were walking along...I am sure talking about something just as juicy as before when out of nowhere these GOATS bolted into the road directly to us. Well, I was (yet again) frozen but Jen took of (flip flop flip flop really fast). The goats decided to leave her alone but they surrounded me. I ended up feeding them my daisies. There were abnormally agressive goats. Cars were driving by, honking their horns and laughing their butts off but no one helped me. Jen was long gone. She didn't come back.
  • Another time we were roller blading in this metro park. Jen was wearing a bikini top and umbro type shorts. I can't remember what I was wearing but it is irrelevent to the story. Neither of us had on any sort of padding because it would mess up our tan lines. When we first set out on the trail a couple of people commented on us roller blading. We just thought they were suprised to see us because of all the bike traffic. So, here we go and things were going well. Then we get to this BIG hill. I think okay, I can do this. I bend my knees and steady myself. I assumed Jen was doing the same. I was gaining momentum when I looked back I saw Jen had ditched the hill effort mid attempt. I turned just in time to see her dive into the grass and do a flip. I was worried and shocked. So I tried to slow down. Bad move. I wrecked too. Except I hit the pavement. I just layed there trying to figure out if I should laugh or cry. I finally scrapped myself together enough to go check on Jen. I had blood everywhere and still have scars to proove it! Jen however escaped without any blood BUT she had "grass burn" (like rug burn only done with grass) all over her abdomen. It was bad.
  • Jen F always had a few boyfriends at a time. Always a serious boyfriend and then many suitors. I was in a bar with her when two of her boyfriends were there in diffent areas of the bar! It was something out of the movies. Oh it was a hoot. I think many of the men knew she dated other guys and just didn't care! Seriously there have been a few guys who would do ANYTHING for her. And it didn't matter how she treated them.
  • When we went out dancing guys flocked to her. She could get so stinkin drunk that she pukes and guys still wanted her number. I used to give it out to everyone! She would be mad (for a minute) but in the end I think she saw the humor in it all. Oh back in the day....Well I could go on and on but it is so late and I must be getting that beauty rest!


Anonymous said...

Hey Delilah, how's the job going this week? Guess you are really busy. When do you plan on visiting TN?

Aunt D.

wings said...

Check out the WNIR blog. I searched and read you liked that station.

Anonymous said...

Are you on strike????

judeandelise said...

No, I have been so busy. My friend and I are doing this card making event at our church and it has consumed ALL my free time. It is tonight so maybe by Wednesday I will be back up and running. I recently came to realize I rarely even sit down in the summer. Isn't that crazy? Oh, and I think we are coming to TN on labor day. Just for the week-end. Since Jake and I both started new jobs this year we don't have any time off yet. Well, maybe Jake does...who knows but I don't get paid time off until Oct. 1.