Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OHIO...The Heart of it All, Really???

Ohio is listed #15th on the list of fattest states in America. (BTW - West Virginia is ranked 3rd. Paul is always saying he feels skinny there!)

Ohio governor, Bob Taft ranks 50th on the national list of Governors.

Ohio's tax burden is ranked 3rd in the US.

Cleveland is ranked as the poorest city in the US. About a third of it's residents live in poverty.

It is no wonder Ohio ranks 47th for population growth.

Ohio is a beautiful state. The weather is kinda crummy in the winter but it certainly isn't as bad as some states. I've heard northeast ohio has fewer sunny days than Seattle but I think that is just an urban legend because I couldn't find those facts anywhere.


Stephanie said...

Good reasons to move to WV? :)

Jake said...

Everyone is leaving comments about moving to WV, if you find me a job where I can make what I am now and potentially have the same type of bonus that is projected for next April then we will move.

Anonymous said...

Aw Jake - how perspectives can change - it's not all about money - maybe once some of those debts are gone you can think of a move!! We'd love to have you here!

Mamaw (Mom)

Jake said...

I don't think I could move, I am enjoying my job to much.