Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Morning Blogging...

I will probably do several posts today, if I have a chance. It seems like I don't have any blogging time these days. The weather has warmed up a bit and I am back to sleeping as much as possible. Last week went okay. Jake was in Texas and I was in Tennessee for part of the week. We didn't see each other for six days. I think it was too long. But, I guess I won't complain when he gets his pay check will I????

Remember the house I told you about? Well, I think I have let that dream go. We called about the gas bill and last Feb., when no one was living there, it was $580! Yikes. I guess there could have been a lot of factors and maybe we could have lowered it but man.....that is a lot of money just for heat. So, we are looking, although I don't think we are going to be ready to actually buy for another 6 months. In July we are going on a month to month lease so we won't be stuck for another year.

Saturday we went to a wedding. It was a very sweet ceremony. It was not just the straight forward traditional stuff. It was real. I loved that about it. The minister was funny. He added his own humor. The ring bearer dropped the ring. We all heard: ting....ting...ting..ting.ting. followed by gasps of air. It was fine. The bride cried and no one could find a tissue for her. The minister also gave some marital advice. It was good. And in his prayer he not only prayed for the couple but for all the other married couples sitting in the audience and asked them to revisit their own vows. It was nice. The food was great. I was thoroughly stuffed by time we left. There were a few people from the old church who were there that didn't even know I was pregnant until they saw me. The one lady came over and said her husband said, "I think Delilah might be pregnant." She looked at me and said..." think????" Sarcastically, of course because I looked like I smuggled a beach ball in under my fitted black dress. My belly was out there and really there wasn't any question.

Well, have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Glad you posted, I've been missing you... About the "dream" house and the gas bill, maybe you could barter with the owners about coming down on the price so you could install electric heat..just a thought since you seemed to really like the house.
Sorry I missed you while you were in TN.

Aunt D.

pinks & blues girls said...

I love non-run-of-the-mill weddings. It's always fun to lighten things up a bit... it is, after all, a happy day!!

I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and two men rolled out the white carpet before the bride walked down. Just before she came out, one of the men tripped over the white carpet and into a pew. The whole place was in hysterics! Luckily, the guy - and the bride! - had a good sense of humor!

Stephanie said...

Hope you had a good time in TN. Hmmm I remember going to a wedding hugely pregnant! :)

Cute video too