Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19 - Reasons I am posting on Sunday!!!!

I am a little behind this week so I am giving you 13 reasons I am late at posting my Thursday Thirteen.

1. After spending a week getting our summer clothes out and storing our winter clothes I had to get the winter clothes back out.

2. I've been busy explaining to our children that the seasons are really Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.....not Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter.

3. I had to mow the lawn & shovel snow this week (actually Jake did it).

4. My mom came to visit.

5. Jake got his bonus so I have been shopping.

6. I've been getting ready for the Relay for Life Auction on the 16th. Anyone want to donate something?

7. I've been eating Marshmallow Peeps.

8. Jake has been off since Wednesday - I am happy to have him home but it throws the routine off.

9. I've been napping every day.

10. I spent the better part of one day cleaning out the van...shampooing the carpets and everything. I thought it was appropriate since it was 80 and we wouldn't be tracking snow in it anymore.

11. I've been hunting for a pair of shoes that aren't open toed to go with my "easter outfit".

12. We've been coloring Easter Eggs!!! (pics will come later).

13. I've been watching the weather channel. ARrrggHH.


Justin said...

I haven't played T13 in a while. I always seem so busy.

What exactly are Marshmallow Peeps?

amy said...

Oh, I like #7. If Isabella had her way, that's what she'd be doing ALL THE TIME!! She loves those peeps!

ps- maybe your sister likes me better!! ha ha ha
I'm just joking!

Cyndi said...


I'm totally with you on #'s 1-3, 7, 12 and 13. Also maybe #4 in the sense that I spent a couple days buying my Mom a plane ticket for her visit in May. LOL

Heather said...

Does someone really not know what peeps are??!! What kind of life is that?!
ANyway, its hard to comment often when you only blog once a week!!
Love you:)