Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen....Signs that Jude "NEEDS" a dog!

We are not very committed pet owners. Since Jake and I got married we have had two different dogs. The first we acquired when I let Jake take the cat to the vet by himself. He came home with a dog. His name was Max. He was a German Shepard mix. He was a good dog but had lots of fur and was still a puppy - which meant he was hyper. Jude was about a month old and Max jumped on him and scratched his eye. That was the end of that dog. It is okay because the vet decided to keep him and she still has him. The next dog came along when I was pregnant with Elise. Jake pretty much laid low and waited until I was so sick (from the pregnancy) and when I was at my weakest point he asked for a dog. I finally gave in and said yes. The dog he picked was Monet, a cocker spaniel poodle mix....aka a Cock-a-poo. He was a good dog for Jude but we had some serious problems potty training him. He also barked all the time when he was outside or in his kennel. It was annoying. When we moved we got rid of him. Jude still tells me he misses him.

I am NOT a dog person. I like cats. I have a cat that I got on my 23rd birthday. We have been through A LOT together: boyfriends, break-ups, wild parties, 5 different room-mates (before Jake), college, I can't even remember how many jobs and she has moved with me SEVEN times. My kids love the cat. She is tolerant of them but she won't play with them the way a dog would....ya know?

Lately I have noticed some very funny things that make me think Jude really needs a dog. Don't worry - we won't be getting one until be have a big fenced in yard. I am even a little reluctant then but since I live with at least 3 other dog lovers I think I am out voted on this one.

So here are my 13 Signs Jude needs a dog! Enjoy!

1. The other day he had a big, black fly trapped between his window and his screen. He was so excited. He came running to tell me to come and see his new "pet".

2. Last week he & Elise were playing. Elise was crawling on the floor so I assumed she was the baby and they were playing house. WRONG...she was pretending to be Jude's dog.

3. As I type this they are trying to catch the cat because she is their pet Tiger.

4. Yesterday we went to the library. Jude wanted every book that had a dog on the front cover.

5. Jude's "new" favorite toy is the cat carrier. We have it to take Molly to the vet and for when we move. He saw it in the garage and begged to play with it.

6. The cat carrier is full of stuffed animal dogs.

7. Yesterday I wasn't allowed to go in his room because he pet dogs were sleeping in their cage.

8. About once a week Jude asks to watch this little video we have of the old dog Max. He says, "Mommy, can we watch that video of when we had a real dog?"

9. He has a picture of Max in his room.

10. The kids have a bunch of old beanie babies and one of their favorite things to play is Animal Shelter.

11. I caught them putting a baby doll hat on the cat. If we got a dog it would take some pressure off the cat.

12. When they go to my visit my Mom they have to say goodnight to her dogs.

13. Jude begs to get a dog. He has already named it Charlie.


Miss Wisabus said...

Aww...that is precious! Happy TT!

Joy T. said...

I think you're right. Jude needs a dog LOL I'm visiting random blogs today from the big TT list. Happy TT!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

don't pick on Jake to much...
I recall you also had a pet rabbit that you got rid of....

Buck Naked Politics said...

It's a good thing you're picking up on the signs. Happy TT.

delilah said...

Oh PUL LEASE (this is to applehead) - I am not picking on Jake, just stating the facts. I didn't purchase the rabbit - my mother bought it for Cody, I didn't really have a choice but I did find it a great home. Like I said we aren't very committed pet owners.

WAHM said...

great post!!

my very first 13 is up ----

Denise McDonald said...

we have two dogs--I *heart* dogs!

FRIGGA said...

That's cute, and I'm not a dog person either but I'd have to agree - they need a dog!

Happy TT13 - mines up at

Jake said...

We need a dog. Jude has always loved animals. I think he may become a vet one day. We need a good dog that does well with kids. I thinking a chocolate lab or chocolate labradoodle.

delilah said...

Jake...first buy me a house with a yard in the country (well, as country as you can get in Summit co.) and second get Elise potty trained then you can have a dog.


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