Monday, August 20, 2007


It stands for Promise Keepers. PK is the male version of Women of Faith (which I never wrote the post I was planning to about Women of Faith....add that to my "to write" list). Jake went to the Promise Keepers conference this past week-end. It was in Cincinnati so he stayed overnight. In fact, he left Friday morning and came home Saturday evening. It wasn't bad at all. I think I handled having 3 kids and an open wound just fine on my own. I did drive (I am still not "allowed" to drive). I wasn't planning to drive but it was only an hour after Jake left and I started getting the itch. My plan was to take the kids to the library but we ended up having lunch at the park. It is only a few blocks away so I think it was okay. Although, I don't plan on driving anymore until I am allowed. I satisfied the rebel in me but now I just keep thinking about healing and getting this crap over with. This morning I was wondering to myself....If I had just stayed in bed for a week after the surgery, would I be better now? Probably. I am dumb, I guess. Anyhoo...this post is supposed to be about Promise Keepers. Back to that.... I remember the first time I heard about Promise Keepers. I don't remember exactly who was telling me about it but they were saying my old youth Pastor and his buddies were going to this Promise Keepers conference. I asked what that was and the person said it is some Christian thing for men where they learn that they are the leaders of their families - that women should stay home and take care of the kids. We were most likely sitting in a bar when this conversation occurred. I remember feeling outraged at the idea. Women staying at home - can you believe such a thing? After all I was going to college to get a degree that would ensure I would NEVER be one of those pathetic women. So, for several years after that conversation I had a bad attitude about PK. I'd see the bumper stickers and laugh out loud. Silly me.

Later on in life, after many failed relationships I decided I should try to meet a nice Christian boy. I knew it would probably require getting involved in Church -which I was okay with. I had always enjoyed Church and I was a Christian - I had just strayed for the moment. At the time I was working 2-3 jobs and I thought I didn't have time to go to Church. But, one day I was sitting at the front desk at Safe Landing and I saw this case worker pull in drive. I had never seen him before but the first thing I noticed on his car was a PK sticker. At that moment I thought...oh here comes my next boyfriend. He was very handsome, so that added to my interest. He worked for CSB and had one of his girls staying at the shelter. That was cool because it meant I would be seeing more of him. We chatted, smiled, even flirted a little but then he was gone. Well, later that evening his girl freaked out and ended up leaving the Shelter so....well, that meant I wouldn't be seeing Mr. PK/CSB anymore. Bummer. A couple of months later, as luck would have it, one of my other jobs sent me to CSB to do a summer program with the kids that lived on the campus. Crazy enough, the only case worker I saw the whole time was that guy. Anyhoo...I forget how he got my number but he did and he called me. We ended up going out one time. I asked him what his favorite movie was and he said "When Harry Met Sally" I laughed and told him he didn't have to try to impress me. He looked very offended and told me he wasn't - that was his favorite movie. Ha. We made plans to get together again but never did. Later, he got fired from CSB for dating a clients mom or something. PK story continues.

Less than a year later, I met Jake. He had been to PK before but he didn't have a sticker or anything. I probably didn't even know until after we got married. Either way, he went last year and we had a really bad year. I could have cared less if he went this year or be honest. I felt like he came back feeling defeated and that caused a few problems. And it is expensive, money is tight and well, that was an issue too. He said he wasn't going to go but obviously it was meant for him to be there because it all worked out. He came home and had several revelations. It seemed to be the spiritual recharge that he needed. So that is good. I am happy about it. Of course you all know what a great guy he is...sometimes I think he just needs to believe it.

Well, that is my LONG story about Promise Keepers and how I ended up with my Promise Keeper.


isunshine said...

Are those the bumper stickers that say, "I Love My Wife" ? I've seen those around, but I never really knew what they were all about. I'm glad this year's seems to have gone better. Oh, and umm...where are more pictures of Avery??? Hello!!! We (meaning I) need more pictures!!

delilah said...

Yes, Jake has one of those stickers. I always feel a little silly when I drive his car. People probably think I love my wife. Ha ha ha.