Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Remember the Rabbits???

I've noticed seveal other bloggers have been bringing back old posts. I think it is a great idea since I don't have time to write everyday & because I really have many new readers since the beginning of my blog. is a complilation of some old posts from when we lived in Akron! Enjoy!

Okay, so those of you that talk to me on a regular basis know about my neighbor and his rabbits. For the others, I will fill you in with the short version... My neighbor, Archie, started out with 3 rabbits last summer. Over the year, as you may imagine, the rabbit population has, well, let's say, blossumed. I am not sure how many he has but it is close to 100. He is constantly giving rabbits away, selling rabbits and playing with the rabbits. He does things like walk around with bunnies in his shirt. I will be standing in the kitchen washing dishes and he will walk up and put a bunny in the window! He put up this big white tent right next to our sidewalk that he calls "the rabbit tent". He has cages, junk & an old car in the tent. If you don't know...we live in the city. The lots are small and the houses are close. The rabbits smell.
So, the reason for the rabbit the rabbit tent was raided. The Akron Humane Society came and took the bunnies. They had badges, uniforms, cages and cameras. It was crazy. When Archie came home I tried to explain to him what had happened. I don't think he understands. He thinks if he cleans the cages he will get them back. Kinda crazy. If I can figure out how to add pics I will attach some I have taken of the bunnies and rabbit tent.

The Next Day....
Did I say there would never be a dull moment??? Well, let me tell you what happened in my life today. If you read the previous post you will know the story concerning the rabbits. Well, last night Archie was cleaning out all the cages and the rabbit tent. I guess he had rabbits in this old van in the back yard, too. So that was part of his project. This morning I saw Archie and he looked pretty upset so I went out and spoke to him. He said the Humane Society said if he cleans up the place and they approve it then he can have the bunnies back. He also said he has to take them to the vet to have them checked out. He is trying hard to get them back. He said the rabbits are his family. Isn't that sad. Well, just as I started to walk away Archie said "Will you pray for my rabbits?" Of course I said I would pray for the situation. As soon as those words left my mouth, Archie grabbed my hand and started praying a LOOOONNNNGGGG prayer for the safe return of his rabbits. I can't make this stuff up folks. I want the best outcome for all this & I do think Archie means well BUT....................What in the World???? Holding hands with Archie and praying to "Sweet Jesus" about the rabbits is something you can't really imagine happening to you unless it does. Now, let me tell you all, don't be mistaken, I am a Christian and I really believe in the power of prayer. It just seemed a little odd. Those of you that have met Archie and heard all the other stories will understand. Either way...In closing, I would like all of you to take a moment and say a prayer for Archie, who I doubt will get the bunnies back.

By the way Thanks for reading my blog. Make sure you tell everyone about it. Bookmark it. Read it often.

Love you all!

Day 3...
I wanted to keep everyone up to date on the bunny situation. Today Archie left me a note asking me to help him get his bunnies back. It seems the Humane Society is bullying him. First they told him he could have the rabbits back if he cleans the cages and pays the vet expenses. He cleaned everything. He was working on it nonstop. It looks and smells much better. He called them and they wouldn't return his calls. Finally after 3 calls he gets to talk to the person "in charge" of his case. The person says he has 2 choices...(1)he can take one bunny and pay to have it fixed and be off the hook or (2)He can go to court, face charges but have a chance of getting all the rabbits back. They told him if it goes to court it would probably be in the newspaper because the conditions were so bad. Let me tell you...the cages did need cleaned but they weren't as bad as these people are making it sound. And they are bullying him. I will be the first to tell you the man is very wierd (in every way) but, as most of you know, I have always been out to help the underdog. He isn't all there and he doesn't really understand. He is very embarassed and is afraid of everyone finding out. They are using it against him.


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You can help him get his rabbits back, after all you are The Miracle Worker, LOL.

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Wanted to let you know that the Thai Shrimp was very good.