Friday, March 13, 2009

Wow...Friday again???

This week really flew by. I had such a busy busy week I barely noticed it was already Friday. Next week is another crazy busy one. My schedule is so full. Today I didn't even make it into the office. I was almost to the office when I received a call from a client who needed me back in Akron ASAP. So, I turned right around and went back where I had just come from. It all turned out okay. Yesterday I got to go to court for something other than Dependency/Neglect. It was for the Crossroads program (substance abuse court). I loved it. The Magistrate totally flattered me with all sorts of compliments. I just kept saying Thank you...thank you...oh thank you. All the PO's were looking like who is that girl and where did she come from. LOL. I told my little juvi she needed to work her butt off because I didn't want her making me look bad.... Nothing like an ego boost at the end of an extra long day of working while sick. I started getting a fever on Wednesday evening. It is a low-grade yet annoying fever. I don't feel sick enough to lay in bed but not good enough to really feel normal.

Jake had an interview this morning. It went okay. After driving all the way out to Canton he was told it barely paid over minimum wage. It is heartbreaking. Like I have said before...I am confident God has a plan, I am just not 100% confident I am gonna like it.

We have a activity filled week-end ahead of us. Busy. Busy. Busy.

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