Saturday, March 07, 2009

What was for dinner #4

I usually don't get to this until Sunday but since I am up so early on a Saturday I will post now. This week was another busy one. Jake even cooked one night. I won't tell you which one - see if you can figure it out.

Sunday - Chili & Lobster Pizza: a strange combo I know but I bought this fake lobster meat for cheap and Jude has been begging for Lobster Pizza ever since his little friend, Raymond, went to Red Lobster & ate it. I made a pizza crust in the bread machine, topped with alfredo, fake lobster, cheese and melted butter - a little fattening, I know. Everyone LOVED it. Not me - I can't eat it....... It was cheap!

Monday -Szechuan Noodles with Pork : I had a couple of pork chops in the freezer - not enough for a main course, so I thawed them and put them in the food processor. It worked great! The family really liked this dish but I really didn't. I've tried cooking with peanut butter several times and I am just not feeling it. I'll stick to PB cookies.... BTW...I used rice noodles in this.

Tuesday - We went out to eat to this cheap little diner close by. They have an awesome cabbage soup.

Wednesday - Eggs, fried potatoes, ham, grapes. I didn't eat the eggs.

Thursday - Chicken (made in the pressure cooker), rice, potatoes.

Friday - Whiskey Glazed Salmon, steamed/sauteed veggies, leftover rice, oranges: the original recipe called for Bourbon but I didn't have any so I used Jack Daniels. The alcohol cooked off and it was delish. I will have to say this dinner was amazing.

Saturday - Pancake sandwiches: Pancakes, sausage patties, cheese, egg... I am making that for Jake's Mens Group. I think we are still going to that Wild Game thing for dinner. Although, it is raining now - makes me want to stay home even more....

I almost forgot...Snacks: Root beer floats & Jake made peanut butter cookies.

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Heather Hurt Photography said...

I'd guess Tuesday LOL :-) But, since you said he "actually made" it... if he's like my husband (who is an amazing griller and cooker of breakfast food:-) I'd venture to say Jake cooked on Wednesday... Am I right?!