Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The House & Other Stuff.....

So, after I wrote that stuff yesterday about giving up the dream house the realitor called and said that the owner would like to "work something out with us". She had an open house on Sunday and we drove by - there were people looking. I don't know how interested anyone was but she said she has a couple coming by for a second look. Either way, we have many questions. The house is pretty pricey for us. We can probably afford it but we will be stretched. It is move in condition and quite lovely. Eventually we would redo the bathroom, change the wall paper, build a better garage, put a fence up, and make a different driveway. The kitchen is great and that wrap around porch....well, that is so awesome. Either way, we aren't going to rush. For now, we will live in the pink house and be happy. We've actually been checkin out the house across the street from us. An elderly couple lives there and we are hoping they are planning to move to a nice condo sometime soon. The house is big and had a great yard. It needs some work - mostly updating but I am assuming the price would reflect it. We'd only have to move across the street. We talk about the house all the time. It is big - about 700 more sq. feet than we have now. I am not sure how many bedrooms (I forgot). I am not that fond of the neighbors. They have three little boys. The youngest is 3 and Sunday he yelled across the street - "hey you in the pink house - you are stupid!" His dad was outside and didn't even say a word to him. Nice. Back to the house...we like it but it isn't for sale. That doesn't mean they won't sell it. My sister went to a garage sale once and ended up buying a house that wasn't for sale. Seriously.

As for the other stuff....I can't remember exactly what else I was planning to write when I sat down here. But I will tell you about my "garden". At the end of March I planted some seeds inside (you may remember I mentioned it). They really took off. In fact, way too much. Some of the seeds said it would take 14-21 days to germinate, when it really only took a few days. They were growing out of control so I bought bigger pots and replanted them. I went from 1 tray to 3 trays. Then it got cold again. They were all inside by a window and I think the draft effected them because a few died. Mostly all the flowers. Some of the others have slowly bit the dust and I think the cat was eating my basil. Yesterday I finally got the stuff planted in the big pots and they are all outside. I am doing everything in pots. I've been doing some reading about container gardens. Hopefully my "garden" will be a success. I'll keep you updated.

Have a great day.

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Stephanie said...

Hoping you find something that has all those great things, is for sale and leaves plenty of breathing room in your budget!