Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 13...I forgot what number I am on!

This is a list of 13 words/ phrases that people were searching and ended up at my blog. They are in no particular order.

1. dear delilah song (funny....the song is actually called Hey There Delilah)
2. prego bellies
3. gag reflect
4. moonshine runners
5. jude and elise
6. wnir contests
7. vomiting, barfing, throwing up, puking
8. sweaty pits, stephanie miller photo
9. shirtless lebron
10. recipe for homemade whiskey or moonshine
11. how to make moonshine in jail
12. cabbage patch doll penis (I hope this doesn't offend anyone)
13. how to handle passive aggressive behavior in your friend

Some of these are just down right funny.

Have a great Thursday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cabbage Patch Doll penis?? WTH?! Why would some one deliberatly look that up? Silly silly! Great TT it made me laugh!

Jenny Ryan said...

So sorry for #7.

#12 made me laugh! :P

Stephanie said...

Now wait a minute! How'd I get lumped in with a search for sweaty pits?!

Jeannine said...

LOL! People look for the strangest things...