Monday, February 18, 2008

Animals Do It, Too!

Hello Monday! Yes, I am going to be talking about animals doing it... Well, actually I am not but I am going to tell you about my weekend. Eventually you will understand the title.

About a month or so ago I checked our mail and we had received the little quarterly calendar from the Akron Zoo. For those of you who have never been there - it is a small zoo in the heart of Akron. It has come a LONG way over the last five years. We have a membership so we go pretty frequently. So...I am reading the calendar - mostly checking out the kids programs when I see this program called "Animals Do It Too" - for adults only. It is scheduled for the weekend after Valentine's day. It explained the event included a dinner, a "zoo dating game" and a vet speaking about the mating habits of animals. I thought - "how fun" (oh and funny!). I decided Jake and I needed to go. Before long I was telling my friends to see if any of them wanted to go but everyone looked at me like I was some sort of pervert. However, my sister thought it was a great idea and she bought tickets too. I couldn't keep it a secret from Jake (I think I lasted like 2 weeks) but Heather actually did not ever tell Ivan. That was cool. Anyways, long story short... Paul & Linda came up to watch the kids for us. Saturday morning Jake got a call from this power plant he has been working with and he (along with his coworker Jeff) had to head out to Kentucky for a light off. I was of course, disappointed. I wasn't going to go but Heather and Ivan (who still had no idea where we were going) talked me into going. It was fun. There weren't many singles there but I was okay with it. I would have preferred to go with my husband because well...I just would have but it was still a nice event. The presentation was very funny. I laughed a lot. It was very tasteful and really nothing like what I expected. At first Ivan just thought it was a dinner at the zoo. Then he started to think it was one of those weird underground groups that eat strange things like komodo dragon. Then he remembered the zoo helps save animals. Eventually he read a sign that said Animals Do It Too. He laughed. There was a guy at the table next to us that was like a seventh grader hearing about the birds & the bees the first time. He was doing things like waving bread sticks at his wife. Poor lady. Some people paid extra and stayed the night at the zoo. I didn't think that looked that fun so I didn't pay for that - thank goodness because I certainly would not have stayed without Jake. By the end of the night I wasn't feeling well. I thought maybe I was getting sick. The next day I had a fever. Bummer. I ended up still going to church because my friends were coming for the first time and I told them I would be there. So, I got the kids ready and went by myself. It wasn't that bad. After church we came home and I barely left the couch. Jake got home around 6 or 7 - I can't even remember. Well, it was just in time to see Ryan Newman win the Daytona 500. He was jumping around yelling, etc..... The kids were rolling on the ground laughing. We were all happy to see Ryan win after being fans for years. It was an added bonus that Gordon & Johnson both did horrible.

So, that was our weekend. My fever is gone but I am still feeling a little yucky. I am on the mend so that is good.
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