Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Political Nonsense....

Last night I watched the debate. I actually DVR-ed it. I know, I am a big nerd. As you know, out of the two candidates I prefer Hillary. Last night I watched and seriously I am so unhappy with both candidates. Barack seems to be the most mature out to the two. Hillary was getting all crazy. She was making this big deal about her health plan vs. his health plan and to be quite honest after hearing about these health plans (which are 95% the same) I think they are both a horrible idea. What are these people thinking? They are going to force people to have health coverage! Yeah, that is what we need more laws telling us what we have to do. I know, not very democratic of me. Another thing was NAFTA. Everyone has been griping about NAFTA for years now. Bill Clinton put it through and the US has lost many jobs because of it. Both Barack & Hillary say they oppose it. Last night the moderator asked them if they would reverse it (because the president can) and guess what???? They both said NO but they would reform it. Do you know what they are concerned about???? The environment & the foreign workers. Before anyone gets all crazy - yes I think we should be concerned about those things but I don't think the average person is against NAFTA for those reasons. The candidates are using their opposing it as a platform but they don't care about the same things the average American does! Amazing.

One more thing....They asked Hillary about her campaign for Senate and how she said she would create 200,000 jobs for upstate New York but in reality there has been a tremendous loss of jobs in that area. She responded by saying she made that statement when she thought Al Gore was going to be the President. So basically she blamed George W. I thought it was kind of funny. Although, I am sure the people in upstate NY didn't.

In conclusion.... I have no idea who I will vote for. I am not sure I will even vote in the primary. I've been saying Barack does not have the experience but to be honest neither does Hillary. She only has one term longer than him in the senate. I am really sad people didn't pay attention to John Edwards. He really had a chance of winning.


Anonymous said...

I wish I did not watch that debate. I was an Edwards fan also-as you know. then I chgd to Hillary. She looked really desperate, aggressive, and bitter last night. there were times I chgd it bc I was embarrassed to watch her. Barack lucked out on many things bc she answered first so he basically repeated what she said. I wonder had he answered first if he would even have an answer on some things. the back and forth about the political mailings, the "picture", health care, NAFTA- I was really disappointed last night. We have no shot, and even if we do is "just ok" really better than "alright"...??? sigh
u know who

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Boy, you sound pretty conservative to me.....What do you have that proves John Edwards really had a chance on winning anything?

Stephanie said...

I am not pleased with any of the choices we will have for president this year! It comes down to who will do the least harm. ugh!

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