Friday, February 29, 2008

Does Anyone Need Toothpaste????

I have like 9 tubes that I got for free. I haven't been talking to you too much about CVS because I don't want to bore you to tears but yes, I have still been shopping. I have a bunch of razors as well.

I haven't been to Aldi in like a month. It is crazy. My fridge and cabinets are overflowing with name brand stuff. Yesterday I went to Giant Eagle to shop. I usually NEVER shop there because it is outrageously priced. Who can afford to shop there? Well, I guess I can. I bought a cart and a half full of food (Jake was with me) and it cost $102!!! I saved 49%. I only bought three things that I didn't use a coupon with but they were on sale - except a drink for Jake (a small price to pay to have an extra set of hands at the store!). Here is a sampling of what I got : 20 yogurts (plus 6 kids kind that were free), 6 lbs of chicken tenderloins, talapia, 3 bags of pizza rolls, 9 jars of baby food, 3 boxes of ziplock bags, 5 jugs All Detergent (the only brand I use anyways), 2 boxes of pretzel cheese sticks, 2 Bertolli frozen meals for two, 9 boxes of betty crocker instant potatoes (different varieties including sweet potatoes - can't wait to try them), gallon of milk, 2 jugs of soy milk, 4 large bags of shredded kraft cheese, 2 different coffee creamers, some fancy frozen bread, a loaf of whole wheat bread, two boxes of those 100 calorie muffin packs, some deli turkey sandwich..... As you can see I got quite a variety. After looking on line I realized I need to go back because I missed a super deal on Spaghetti O's (they'll be 10 cents after a coupon!). Crazy isn't it. Oh, two added bonuses - they have a child watch area that Jude got to go in and play while I was shopping & I have now earned 40 cents off my gas. I love it. Wait - I almost forgot - I earned $6 off my next shopping trip!

Can you tell I get excited about saving money??? I won't even bother telling you about my trip to Goodwill this week.

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