Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....Waitress Edition

I used to be a waitress. I was a waitress for a long time. I liked it. I made great money and met lots of interesting people. While attending college for 6 years I sometimes worked two and THREE jobs at a time. I can't hardly believe it now. It wasn't really bad, in fact I thought it was kinda fun. I was thinking about my old waitressing days and I thought I probably could come up with 13 places I waited tables. Believe it or not I did. Crazy, I know. Here is my list - in no particular order. Pigeon Forge cabin rentals

1. Golden Crown (Chinese Restaurant in Vermilion & Amherst)
2. Joe Boccardi's (St. Louis Style Pizza YUM-O)
3. Sorrento's Ristorante Italiano (I think the name says it all)
4. Moosehead Grill (I was bored one day while visiting my parents so I went and got a job - I started that day!)
5. Bob Evans (one week)
6. Atlanta Grill (in Calhoun, GA)
7. Cornerstone Grill/ Moose's Goose (Martini Bar-Eatery on one side/ Frat Bar on the other)
8. Some Other Chinese Place (one day in GA - then I got the other job!)
9. East Side Mario's (got fired for ditching work for an Indians game...oops)
10. Joe's Crab Shack (The last of my wild days RIP)!
11. Fisher's Pub & Grill (was fired repeatedly and then begged to come back - I had a serious love/hate relationship (nothing romantic) with the owner. I once wrote him a letter & told him we were going to end up on Jerry Springer.
12. K&N Eatery in Vermilion. I used to hang out there all the time so I decided to get paid to be there. I used to go there like every day. Hated the job. The waitress had to wash all the dishes. YUCK.
13. Some coffee shop in Lorain. I can't remember the name of it either. It was a big hang out (I think I have repressed the memories of these places for reasons I won't discuss now....). My then boyfriend used to play his cello there on friday nights with some punk band.

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Nicholas said...

Which did you like best?

I love the idea of a punk band with a cello!

Anonymous said...

Classique Cafe...

delilah said...

OMG...I can't believe you remember that. I don't even remember you going there. I don't remember much from those days - seriously repressed!

Stephanie said...

Wow that is a lot of restaurants. I'd have to stop and count, but I don't think I have 13!