Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook and me....

Work has been dreadfully boring. As it turns out our new contract does not start until Feb. 1 so......I am sitting around doing nothing. Well, not really. I have been sitting in front of a computer for HOURS this week. God love the people that do this all the time. I'd rather do MANY, MANY other things...including scrape cock roaches off someones kitchen counter than sit in front of this computer for another minute. This morning I did get out and helped someone move some stuff from one shelter to another. That was short. Then I came back to Kent and there was a donation of Christmas gifts odd thing on January 23rd. Regardless, I spend 1/2 hour or so opening gifts. That was fun, while it lasted.

So, last week I decided to hook up with facebook. Sherry signed up and I thought it was time for me to join the rest of the free world too. So, with the extra time on my hands and my new relationship with facebook.............well, it has been out of hand this week. I have looked up and searched and poked around and talked to SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people I haven't heard from in YEARS. It is really cool. In fact, it may be inspiring some new blog posts about the past. My. Crazy. Past. When I have talked about the past I usually talk about the college years but I think it is time to jump back to High School. I may have been wild in college but in High School I was sweet. I was a good kid. I had a few incidents but overall I was good. I will work on some new posts this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

My best friend keeps bugging me to create a face book page, when I get that done I'll look you up.

Your cousin Amy