Monday, January 26, 2009

Kamikaze & Freshman Gym Class.

It is strange when I think back to my high school days. There is so much I can't actually remember. The main things I remember about high school are: my older boyfriend (he was around for most all of it so I can't really separate those memories), my youth group (he was there too), my friend Stephanie (partners in crime - LOL) and crazy stuff like this freshman gym class I was in. In our school we had to take gym our freshman and sophmore years. You had to have those two gym credits to graduate. I am not sure why the school scheduled it this way but half of the girls in my class were freshman girls and the other half were sophmore girls who had flunked gym the previous year. Those girls were scary! I can't remember everyone in the class but it is crazy how many I actually do remember ( Stephanie Norris, Debbie Rowe, Brooke Benedict, Heidi Morrow (rip), Dee Speckheart, Stacey Webb, Sandy Mills...) I know there were a bunch of other people I just don't remember who. Either was a cut throat kinda class. I feared for my life. Seriously. When we played basketball I went home with bruises and scratches. It was full body contact basketball. The teacher was this nice lady we called "Winnie". Her husband was a math teacher and she was what you would expect of a woman gym teacher. (I can't believe I just said that). I never saw her as very feminine but thinking back it would be difficult to be girly in a gym suit. this class we would play this game called "Kamikazi". Let me explain. They put us in the "wrestling room". It is a smaller room with wrestling mats. I don't know if all schools have a special room for wrestlers but ours did. A friend of mine did dirty things with her boyfriend in that room (that is a story I don't need to share). The mats were rolled up and off to the side. I can't give you even an estimate of what size the room was but it was probably the size of a classroom. So we were put into teams and divided on either side of the room. Then the games began. I forget how many balls we were given - I think 2-4. We played "dodgeball" at close range with multiple balls. Isn't that insane? Do you know how bad it hurt when a ball hit you? I can still feel the sting. I HATED it. Looking back I am not sure why I didn't just try to get out right away but I didn't. I always tried so hard. I wasn't very good at it. The mean girls were great. I think they liked it. They would look at the freshman girls and point at who they were going to hit the hardest. Okay, maybe that is a slight exageration but that is how I want to remember it. There was this bully in the class. She had been a bully back in middle school too. She was always threatening to beat me up. I was so scared of her. I went out of my way to avoid her because she was out to get me. No matter what I did she hated my guts. Well, she was always yelling at someone in that class. Each week she would pick someone new to threaten. One day she was yelling at one of the girls in the class. I remember I was looking at a Sassy magazine with Debbie Rowe and I heard the bully just yelling at this girl while she was getting dressed. My blood was starting to boil. So...I stood up and I yelled at her. I told her I was sick of hearing her pick on someone new every week. I figured my week was coming up soon so I might as well get a head start. I said, "you have been threatening to beat me up since I was in 7th grade and you have never done a thing about it - and you are always threatening someone. So, either do it or shut up!" She was so shocked that anyone (especially me) would stand up to her. I heard someone say, "Winnie - Delilah is going to beat so-in-so up" so I decided to leave the locker room. When I turned the girl hit me in the back - with a girl punch at that.... I was a little stunned and turned but the teacher was already there (at that point I thanked God because I still didn't want the girl to beat me up). She ended up getting suspended. I got nothing. She never bothered me again. I don't even remember her later in High School. She may have moved for all I know. But I have thought of her over the years. I wonder what was going on in her life that made her so angry. Now that I am all grown up - I know she did not have a charmed life. She acted that way - always picking on someone - for a reason. I kinda feel sorry for her.

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Heather Hurt said...

Wow. That reminded me of my high school days. I "kinda" was quiet. No, not really. I wasn't an instigator, though. But, I hated when people would pick on the weakest link.
At lunchtime we (those that were in the Commercial Photography class) usually sat at the same table. There were a few that would stray off, but not for any reason in particular. Sometimes they'd sit with us and sometimes they wouldn't. Most of the classes kinda stuck together when they ate and then whence we were done we'd wonder and socialize. Well, there was this one table, who'd I like to call the "rejects". But, they weren't your typical rejects. Ya know the ones that really have no choice in the matter, society has just named them losers due to their lack of fashion or the fact that they were WAY smarter than the "typical" kids or that they performed bizarre bodily functions... you know the table. Well,this table consisted of a bunch of bully girls. Some were worse than others and they were very ghet-to! Amidst a school of 50-50 diversity these girls were like the opitamy of black heifers! (It's very true.) One girl wasn't even black. She just "thought" she was! Ugh. I hate phony people to this day. N E ways... I had some friends (that were very reserved and somewhat shy) that were at a table on one side of us and the ghetto fabulous queens were at a table on the other side of us. One of the heifers started accusing my friend of "staring" at her! Oooohhhh. She broke the cardinal rule. The stare! So, the ENTIRE stinkin' table of big mommas begins herding their way over to my friend. So, I shoot up (b/c I can't figure out when, at this stage in life, to offer my assistance and b/c I really liked to show my feathers), march over there. I was able to calm the main instigator down (hooray for Heather) but the other (not so black) chick starts crap with me! Sooooo, Heather's big mouth has to start after her by saying she's just mad b/c this really hot guy (who was a loser, but he was sooooo hot) didn't want "nuttin" to do with her and always "be callin' me". Then, SHE said I better shut the ---- up (very non-threatening, but she's like moving away from me with her friends, who are just leaving, but she's trying to make it look like they're "holding her back"...) Then, my smart mouth spews, "why don't you tell 'yo' mama' (ouch, another cardinal rule) to make me shut the ---- (so sorry mom!) up. What? Whatchu gonna do? Let's go? You ain't 18 yet. U won't be going to jail. Let's go!" Well, it never went anywhere other then that. In fact a couple of the girls in that group I've either worked with or seen recently and they have really matured. But, do you know that the not-so black chick worked very briefly at an office that I worked for and started telling some of my co-workers that I was holding a grudge b/c SHE STOLL MY MAN! What the H*&L? Some folks just won't letigo (say it in all one word). The funny thing is that she's works at the McDonald's by my mother's house. Not that it's a bad job at all! My Aunt (who's mentally handicap) works there. It's just a job that if you work there, you really don't have much room to be starting crap 12 stinkin years AFTER high school. Cut me some slack, really. LOL!