Saturday, January 24, 2009

What have I been eating????

As you all know I have had to change some of my eating habits. I thought it was going to be dreadful but it really isn't that bad. I had already given up Fast Food for New Years (well, I did eat a salad at McDonalds on Monday) so I had a few weeks of "lunch planning" under my belt. It is really easy right now since I don't have many appointments during the day. I am not a big bread eater...I am, however, a snacker...most of my "snacks" contain wheat, corn or eggs. I have been eating a lot more fruit, veggies and yogurt (the kind w.out corn syrup). I do miss pizza (already). As I am typing I have a wheat free, corn free, egg free pizza in the oven - made from scratch of course... I'll let you know how it tastes. The dough definitely had a different consistency. For me the sauce is the most important part of a pizza and I make the best sauce so it should be good.

Anyhoo...over at Stop the Ride, Stephanie is doing this "What's For Dinner" thingy (meme? - I don't know what to call it: maybe "weekly event"). I will join is what the Millers ate for dinner this week....

Saturday- Leftovers (I made a big pot of Oatmeal with toppings for Breakfast)
Sunday - Baked Potato Bar (sour cream, salsa, cheese, broccoli, homemade butter...)
Monday - Pan fried, thin pork chops, steamed cabbage w. dill, fried potatoes (leftover from the baked pot. the day before) & glazed carrots.
Tuesday - Pinto Beans & smoked sausage
Wednesday - Chicken breast & Bean Salsa (leftover pintos w/ tomato & cilantro).
Thursday - French Onion Soup (Homemade - I skipped the bread on mine), Salad & Fruit.
Friday - Brie Cheese (softened in the microwave) on Apples. (It was just me & Avery so we mostly snacked....)

Can I just say...French Onion Soup is the easiest thing to make. If you like it I highly suggest trying it at home. My kids even liked it and thought it was cool they got to eat out of coffee mugs.

To see what Steph and others had for Dinner go over to Stop The Ride.....


Eliza28 said...

The baked potato bar sounds great and so easy, gotta try it sometime this week.
Thanks :)

Stephanie said...

Glad the change isn't as hard as expected. We had potato bar this week. It is one of my favorites, but we hadn't done it for a long time.