Sunday, January 07, 2007

Amish? Christmas in the Woods...Year Two.

Well, we made the trip to West Virginia again this week-end. Are you saying to yourself, "do these people ever stay home?" Well, we aren't going anywhere for a while. I am tired of living out of a suitcase. I am a horrible packer. I used to seriously over pack. Since I have children I have so much extra junk that I try to travel as light as possible, which means I usually forget several things. This time I forgot PJ's for Jude. He borrowed a pair for Nolan so it worked out. We also forgot Elise's baby that she sleeps with every night. We borrowed a "stand in" from Lydia and I don't think she even noticed a difference. How convenient. Luckily I remembered my toothbrush...who knows who I would have had to borrow one from. That was just a joke (ha ha ha).

The week-end was nice. I felt pretty decent except for the fact that I seriously over ate. So much food and so little room for it all.... Saturday we celebrated Christmas. We got up and walked over to the Applehead family's home for the festivities. We started with a lot of just laying around but finally did get motivated enough to eat breakfast and open gifts. I think everyone was happy with their loot. Our big gift was a Sony Home Theater. Jake is putting it together now, which is why I am blogging instead of watching TV. I hope it is done soon or I will probably have to fall asleep in bed instead of the couch, in front of the TV, like I usually do. Plus, I think Desperate Housewives is a new one. I really think we should just throw the TV away because I am not disciplined enough to not watch it at night. During the day is no problem...but I digress. Stephanie made us a basket of homemade canned stuff. Yummy. I can't wait to dig in. Don't you love those kinds of gifts?

After the gifts we sat around reading. Paul & Jake both got books. Stephanie got 2 cookbooks and Linda got a cookbook. So we all had something to look at. Then we ate Seafood Stew. After feasting someone got the great idea to take a walk to the barn to feed the animals. Grrr... I know I need the exercise now more than ever but I almost didn't go. In the end I decided to go and it was nice to get some fresh air. We got back and the older kids wanted to see Papaw's new saw mill in action. He is cutting the logs he & Jake cleared for the electric poles to make wood siding for the house. Lydia & Jude went to feed the rabbits. It wasn't very long before we heard someone crying. Steph thought it was Kellen but then it stopped so we just closed the door and went about our laying around. I was preparing for a nap on the couch when Ashley & Kellen came in and said Miles had broke his leg. I guess they were sitting on some logs, one rolled, trapped Mile's foot and he fell and the rest is history. A complete break. When they came off the hill I am not sure who looked worse, Eric or Miles. Eric looked like he had seen a ghost or maybe he just looked like a ghost...I don't know. Miles was yelling, Ashley was crying, Eric was about to pass out.....what a scene. The little kids were just standing back with scared looks on their faces. Well, Paul, Linda, Miles & Eric spent the next 5 hours in the ER getting x-rays & a temporary cast. Miles has to see an orthopedic dr. on Monday before he can get the real cast. What a bummer. We just laid around the rest of the night and ate cheesecake. Mmmmm....Wish I had a piece now. Okay...gotta go for now. I think the TV might be ready.


Stephanie said...

I should have sent the cheesecake home with you~! We have way too much food here! Hope you are enjoying the surround sound!

Anonymous said...

How come you are overreacting about your t.v. watching? There is nothing wrong with evening t.v. as long as kids are in bed.