Monday, January 15, 2007

Kids....Free entertainment

Aren't kids funny? Jude is at a great age. He has all these ideas about things and he is so good at communicating what he is thinking. He has started remembering his dreams. He is always saying, "Mommy, I haded a dream last night." He told me he dreamed he and Indy were in Poppy's truck and they were driving it but they needed help. I wonder where all that comes from.

Last week Jude told Jake that he didn't have any friends, so he wanted his friend (on again off again friend) Jacob to come over. So Jacob reluctantly came over for dinner. When Jake went to pick him up he was attached to his mom's leg and was refusing to go but Jake told him he could play with Elise and he was like "okay" and was fine. Watching two 4 year olds interact is a hoot. Jacob & Jude don't get along very well at all. One day the Sunday School Teacher pulled me aside and asked me about the two of them. She said they get into fights during class. Nice. Well, we keep trying. They did really well while Jacob was over for dinner. They did have a little tiff. It went like this..."(crying) Jacob said he is not my friend." Jacob follows..."No, Jude, I am your friend." Jude instantly stops crying and says, "Oh, okay, I am your friend too." And off they went. I didn't even have to do anything. A little later we could hear music blaring from Jude's room. Jude & Jacob came down all proud that they changed the CD and turned it up themselves. Jude said "Mom, Dad we are listening to music." We let him know we can hear it. It was Mozart. Out of all the CD's they picked Mozart. So, Jude says "It is the funny hair guy". There is a picture of Mozart on the CD so Jude always calls him the funny hair guy. Isn't that funny?

Yesterday I was getting ready for Church and I heard Jude go into the bathroom, where Jake was, and this is what he said, "Dad, Elise's doll has a penis!". I stopped what I was doing....I wasn't sure I heard what he said. So, I asked Jake what he had said and he told me (he looked a little embarrassed). I asked Jude what he was talking about so he grabs Elise's Baby Cabbage Patch doll that Elise had disrobed earlier. He points to the outty belly button on the doll. He thought it was a penis. I tried to explain to him that it was a belly button but he didn't believe me. He has never seen an outty and because the doll is small the position of the belly button is sorta low but..... Either way, he was amused.


isunshine said...

So true! Kids are soooo funny!

Stephanie said...

Oh goodness. A cabbage patch with a penis! LOL