Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year (Two Days Late)...

Yes, I know....I've already heard it, "when are you going to blog more?" Well, for now it will be hit and miss. Although I am not working, it seems like my time has been filled to capacity. Today is no different. I have lots of stuff to do: take down the Christmas tree & all Christmas decorations, work on one last hand made gift for this week-end, wrap all the gifts, finish the laundry, clean (....I don't know if it is the hormones but I swear I am more aware of the unsatisfactory condition of this house) and last but not least - go to the grocery store. This is all in addition to taking care of the kids....I sure hope I have a good day.

I haven't really told anyone how the holidays have been thus I guess I should catch you all up. We had our little dinner party. It was fun. I made a huge pot of Seafood Stew but I overcooked the seafood a little. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a bigger hit but I felt much better when I took the leftovers to the Millers and it disappeared in no time. Either way, the party was fun. JenF and her new hubby stopped by so my friends who had only heard of the legend of JenF finally got to meet her. Our other VERY generous friends gave us a Bread Machine for a gift. Yea!!! I am so excited. I made a loaf of bread the next day that didn't make it through the night (uh, we ate it). I made another loaf for the Looman's but it didn't turn out so hot....of course it didn't - they probably think I can't cook. I bought a new Bread Machine cookbook so I plan to get started on some new breads today (after the grocery store).

Christmas Day we woke up and the kids opened their gifts. It was a lot of fun. They were totally happy and satisfied with what they received. Jude just ripped into his packages but Elise had a little system....first she would take the name tag off then gently open the gift by the seams. It was cute. We were planning to head for Tennessee the next day but after realizing there was nothing really to do after the gifts were done we packed up and headed off for West Virginia. It is actually about half way between here and my parents house so it worked out perfect to drive half way, spend the night and get up early and drive to TN. We were there by 1 PM instead of 5 or 6. So, that all worked out. I did have to pack in a rush though and that never goes all that well. It worked out. Our stay in Tennessee was nice. The weather was warmer and my Mom took care of the kids the entire week and LOVED it. Elise wouldn't even let me change her clothes...she wanted Na Na. I spent most of the week puking or sleeping. That isn't fun but at least I had someone to take over the kids. I did go out on the four wheeler once and we went out for our anniversary on FRIDAY. We went to Historic Rugby and had lunch then went to the movies. We have done that the last 3 years (I think). It was nice. We ended up staying a couple days extra and stayed until the New Year. We didn't do anything for New Year's Eve since I can't even stay up past 10 PM. Oh well, we'll catch up next year.

I've been thinking about a mini series I am going to be writing. It is going to be about life in the South and my family. I can hear the cringes already. Don't worry it won't be bad but I do want it to be realistic. Life in Scott County Tennessee is so different than anywhere else that I have been. I hope to get started on it soon. It depends how this week goes.

Okay, I never made any New Years Resolutions yet. I still plan to....maybe that will be my Thursday Thirteen.

Have a great day!


Jake said...

You would think that I don't do anything around the house.

judeandelise said...

Oh please...I told everyone you always do the dishes.

isunshine said...

I'm glad you all had a good Holiday...aside from the puking part. Yuck. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to read about Scott County!!!! I know this is going to be good!
Aunt D.