Monday, January 22, 2007

Answers to the Quiz....don't read if you haven't taken it yet.

Okay, first things first. What is with you guys not putting your real names. How nice. Drive Delilah crazy trying to figure out who knows what. I don't even know who got 100%! Not fair at all, if you ask me.

Most of you were able to see the answers after you took the quiz but I wanted to give some explanations.

1. Magazines. I love magazines. I'll even read a Hunting magazine if given a chance. I currently have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Ohio (it came free???), some scrapbooking magazine, Southern Living and I think I still get Mother Earth News (although it may have expired). Believe it or not you can get magazine subscriptions for almost free on line (ebay and other places).

2. I LOVE blackberries in any form. My sister suggested that I should have put Blackberry dumplings and she would have gotten it right. If you invite me over and ask me to bring a dessert it will probably end up being Banana pudding. Easy, fast and yummy. Strawberries & cream...who wouldn't love those & creme brulee....mmmmmm. So the truth is I probably wouldn't turn any of those down but blackberry pie is my fav.

3. I have a tattoo on the BACK of my ankle. It is of a dove and I got it when I was 31 years old.

4. My dream job....this was tricky....almost ever single person missed this. When I was in middle school I wanted to be a cosmetologist. Seriously. I used to do EVERYONES hair that would let me touch it. I have pics of my cousins (yes you G) that I had punked out their hair. Also, I once put peroxide on Heather & Christie's (neighbor girl). They were both already blond but I really bleached it out. Our parents thought it was from the chlorine in the swimming pool. They didn't find out until much later. Oh....I think Heather was in 5th grade and that would put Christie in 3rd! Yes, I bleached a 3rd graders hair. I was bad. Oh, once I got to 9th grade I decided I needed to be a Psychiatrist because my English teacher said it would be a great'd never run out of customers. It sounded good to me. My guidance counselor, when I was a senior, sat me down and told me that perhaps I wasn't cut out for medical school and I should be a counselor. Nice.

5. My soundtrack.....used to be Dancing Queen. I lost that a long time ago. Now & probably really always has been How to Save a Life.

6. I have a cat. I have had her for TEN years. I love my cat. She gets me. Oh, and she likes to drink my bath water. Ha ha.

7. Her name is Molly. I wanted to name Elise, Molly but Jake wouldn't let me. I also wanted to name her Willow but Jake wouldn't let me. Cleo is my old room-mates cat.

8. My husbands REAL name is Jason. He goes by Jake. I even put Jake on our wedding invites so many people don't know. So, if Jason Miller shows up on your called ID....well, now you know who is calling.

9. I went to Kent State University and loved it.

10. My major was psychology. A few people picked Child Development. Don't you know I don't like kids. ha ha ha. Just kidding. Well, kinda.

11. My favorite color is black. Well, to wear anyways. I also like gray. If I was forced to pick a real color I would probably say Red. I can't stand purple - lavender is ok. Green is okay.

12. Tori Amos is my favorite singer. I have loved her since I heard her first song on MTV back in 1991 or 92.

13. I used to wear my doc martens with everything. Dresses, shorts, jeans, whatever. To go dancing, to go to work, to go on dates. I did, however, go through a brief Chinese sandal stage. I would only wear them with select outfits. I used to hate flip flops because I was too self conscious to show my toes. I obviously got over that.

14. My first real boyfriend was Mitch. I had other "boyfriends" before him. We wrote notes to each other and sometimes talked on the phone. Mitch was the first guy I dated.

15. My favorite season is Fall, although I love something about each season. Most people voted for Summer, which tells me really maybe summer is my favorite. See you guys taught me something about myself. I do love warm weather and gardening. But I also love turtle necks & the leaves turning colors.

16. I haven't been to NYC. I know that is crazy. Everyone has been there. Many of you voted for the Virgin Islands, which is where we went on our honeymoon. I can't believe applehead got that wrong. Well, we went on a Caribbean cruise, which included 2 of the virgin islands.

17. The last concert I attended was Nine Inch Nails. I did go to 2 conferences since then and there were musicians there but it wasn't a just a concert. BTW...I saw KJ-52, Zoegirl, Natalie Grant and Avalon. Not bad.

18. My bday is May 29 (Jake's is July 29)

19. My anniversary is Dec. 29

20. I graduated in 1991...Thank you to all those that said 1993 & 1994. I know I look young. Ha ha ha ha.

Thanks for doing my quiz and listening to my explanations.


Anonymous said...

I know this doesn't partain to this post but I got new Ink. There is pics of all my tattoos on my LJ.


kellen said...

I havent benn to ney york city Aunt delila!

Stephanie said...


I haven't been to NY city either unless you count being in the airport on a lay over!

Anonymous said...

Ok I got 100%-but on my 1st try I got 80%.(I thought the fave color question was a trick!)
I'm too smart for this quiz AKA Ms. old school AKA melanie