Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last Week...It was a busy one!

Elise has been dressing herself. She comes up with some interesting combinations.

Heather came over to visit on Wednesday (for moral support). We decided to go sledding. The older kids had a lot of fun but the little ones weren't so thrilled!

They didn't even need sleds...

We were given a family pack of tickets to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the zoo. It was a good time. Later this week I will scan the photos that were taken and post them (maybe a wordless wednesday?) We had to follow the Easter bunny to the egg hunt. Jude took off without us and started holding the Easter bunny's hand. After he did it the other kids did it too. Hmmmm....I always thought he was shy.

Jude is playing soccer. It is cute. He likes to be the goalie because he gets to touch the ball with his hands! As you can see, Elise isn't so thrilled with Jude's soccer game.

Have you ever heard of directbuy? Just wondering.

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