Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....Back Then

If you didn't read yesterday's post you may want to do that first. It is sort of an introduction to this post. It is a long may need energy pills to get through it all!

Here are 13 stories about the "gang" I talked about yesterday. I may have mentioned these in passing before - sorry if I repeat myself.

1. We used to swim at our neighbors pool all day long during the summer days. We'd goof around and inevitably have towel fights. This one time Billy was bent over tying his shoe or something. I saw a perfect opportunity to snap him right in the butt. So, I wound up my towel very tight. Just as I released the end of the towel, Billy stood up and turned. I hit him right where it counts. It was an honest mistake. He immediately fell to his knees. I felt bad. Very bad. The photo is Heather, Christie, Jessica and some other girl by the pool.

2. Heather, Christie and I took the old bean poles that my parents had used in the garden and made a very cool tepee in the woods behind our house. We had this area we called "the clubhouse". We saved grass clippings from our yard and put them down as carpet in the tepee. The boys were jealous so they knocked it down. We were mad. Ray's Mom made them build it back for us but it never looked the same. I don't remember ever going in it after that. The picture is of Heather & Christie at Christie's wedding.

3. In kindergarten, Chuck pooped his pants on the bus. The bus driver made him go to the back of the bus and made everyone else come to the front of the bus.

4. Once Chuck left my sister a love note on her pillow after her boyfriend had broke up with her. He told me he was going to get her during a weak moment. That is just funny to me. That is Chuck standing in our kitchen.

5. Billy threw a shoe at me and gave me a black eye. My sister and I chased him down and made him eat dirt. We were all mean to each other but in a funny way if that makes sense. It wasn't a lot of dirt. I think we were all laughing while it was going on.

6. Noel (who is a guy BTW - pronounced like Nole - rhymes with hole) accidentally hit my butt when we were swimming. I slapped him and he got a bloody nose. The B&W pic is Noel (as an adult) on Halloween, wearing one of my dresses!

7. I remember, in first grade, swinging on the swings and holding hands with Noel, while at school.

8. When Susan & Tracy (the sisters) still lived with their brothers we had a club. We paid dues (like a quarter or something). We decided to have a halloween party. They invited a bunch of people. I can't remember if I invited anyone but we planned to have it at my house. I can't remember all the details but my Mom didn't know about this party until after it was planned. She was obviously a good sport about it because we had the party. I do recall this girl showed up and didn't have a costume so my Mom dressed her up like a baby. We bobbed for apples. I asked my Mom about it and she can't remember either.

9. I used to play beauty shop with the girls. I decided it would be a good idea to put peroxide in a spray bottle and spray it on their hair. I heard it would bleach it out. So, I sprayed their hair down nice and wet and blew it dry. Then I repeated and repeated. Their hair was very blond by the end of it. I think the parents thought it was from swimming in the pool. I think we were all in elementary school when that happened.
The picture is of my Mom doing Christie's hair for prom.

10. We used to play in the woods all the time. We'd just walk around or ride our bikes. We'd always go to the "big ditch", which was an 8 shaped dirt track out in the middle of the woods. It had this dip in the track that we called the ditch. Sometimes we would pack a lunch and eat out there.

11. Chuck and this other boy got into a fight on the bus. The bus driver pulled off to the side of the road and made them get out and fight.

12. Chuck kissed my hand once. I went home and tried to pour bleach on it but my Mom stopped me before I did. You didn't know I was such a drama queen did you. LOL.

13. When Jessica came along, I was 10. I mothered her like she was my own kid. When I got older I took her places and stuff. It was cute. I haven't seen her in many years. I always think of her on her birthday though. This is Jessica reading my yearbook.

Thursday 13

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AJ Chase said...

Wow, it sounds like a fun childhood. Do you still know any of these people?