Saturday, March 22, 2008

Out with the old....Bring in the new.

That seems to be the theme around here. For the last two weeks I keep saying "I really need to get back on schedule." Today I accepted the fact that there is going to have to be a "new" schedule. Everything is different with Jake being home. Last week just flew by. We spent the better part of most days working on resumes and applying for jobs. We have some pretty good prospects. I am feeling positive about it. I did have one of those "I am feeling sorry for myself" days. I got over it.

Another big change this week is the kids. I feel like we are always in some sort of transition with clothing around here. Someone growing out of a size or the seasons changing...add to it transitioning from normal to maternity wear and then back again last year. It seems like just when I get one kid situated another one is growing into the next size. So, it is really odd that right now all three kids are moving up to the next size. So we have a lot of sorting through to do next week. I get so sad when they keep growing so fast. Plus as you know all this growing usually comes with the "growth spurt eating". I can't seem to keep Jude full these days. He eats so much. I can't imagine what it will be like when he is a teen.

Winter is finally over. Yesterday was the first day of Spring. I am so happy of the prospect of warm weather. Too bad it snowed like 5 inches last night. Since it was the first day of spring yesterday we did go to Rita's and we all got a free Italian ice. It is a promotion they have every year.

We have been working hard on the potty training with Elise. Nothing has really worked with her. So, last week I told her she couldn't go to Pottery class if she didn't start using big girl underwear. She didn't care....until the class came around and I didn't take her. She didn't cry or anything but suddenly she has been wearing underwear with minimal accidents. She even wore them to Rita's and Walmart last night without incident.

One last thing. Jake is growing a goatee. It looks cute.

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Stephanie said...

Ah maybe you've found the right motivation for her!

Darn hard headed Millers! :)