Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Lesson in Humility....

Isn't life messy??? When I started this blog my plan was to write about my life. I knew I had some funny stories from the past and I really didn't care who read them. Over the years - yes it has been years lots of "stuff" has happened, as does in life. I choose to share some with you and other junk I've just kept to myself. Along the way I have learned a lesson or two - sometimes the hard way. Overall I think I've grown through it all. Either way, some things I just have to tell you because there are events that change things from here on out. That is what I am telling you about today.

Jake lost his job last Tuesday.

I sit here and look at that sentence and try to figure out what to say after it. What can I say? It was a shock. We weren't expecting it at all. We had not planned for an occasion like this. After dealing with the devastating shock of it all we have rode a roller coaster of emotions. We have analyzed it forward and backward. It hasn't changed a thing. Phooey. Last night Jake said, "This has been the longest two weeks of my life....It is just going in slow motion." I looked at him - he was serious! But it has only been ONE WEEK! That pretty much sums it up.

So are you wondering what we are going to do? So are we. We are working fast and furiously to sort through the options. Thank GOD we haven't bought a house. It frees us up to go wherever the wind shall blow us! We are confident that it is going to be okay. We are trying not to make any rash decisions. I just keep hearing "be still". I know there is something for us. In church on Sunday, Ken was talking about how God doesn't have a plan B. He only has a plan A. That's it. He gave some verses to go with it but I can't seem to find where I wrote them down. We know God has some plan - we just don't know what.

I am happy to say we have options. We are assuming Jake will be receiving unemployment benefits. He is going to look for a good job. In the mean time he may take some classes to help his earning potential. The plan is for me to get a job to cover the "gap". I think of it as a new Miller Adventure. I already have some ideas. We are sending out resumes this week. They are going out in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. I'll be honest with you, my preference is to stay in Ohio. That doesn't mean I won't move. But this is our home.

To top it all off - I spoke with my landlord yesterday. She has had the worst year EVER! She was told by her lawyer on Friday that she has to sell this house. Yikes. Once again....I know it is part of some plan. And it all seems to be falling into place whether I like it or not. For now, she needs us here and we need to stay her until we figure out what is happening.

I will keep you posted....if nothing else this should give me some good blogging material!!!! And maybe we can really use that New York Moving Company I have to write about.


Sheila Griffith said...

God Bless You Both and the Blessing will come when you less expect it. Love you All!

Mandy said...

Sorry to hear all this. I'll say a prayer for your family.