Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Five Minutes...

Current Temp: 9 stinkin' degrees F.

I seriously only have five minutes to post. Lucky for you, I can type fast! It seems like I have been getting so caught up in the meme's I haven't really talked to you. Where does the time go??? We had a good week-end. Friday night we took the kids to this Japanese Steak House (hibachi grill). They were really good and totally mesmerized by the chef cooking right in front of them. Afterwards, we stopped by the video store and rented movies. We NEVER do that because we have a problem returning them. Have you ever done that? We didn't even have a membership anymore so we had to redo that whole process. ARgggHHH. Since we were new they limited us to 2 movies. Which was 0kay. We got one kid one (Over the Hedge, which Jude turned off because he said it was getting scary) and one adult one: Little Miss Sunshine. It was good. I don't know that I think it was great. It was indeed funny. Lots of interesting characters. It reminded me of the Miller's a little. Not the dysfunctional part but the van. I will try not to ruin the movie for you...if you are planning to see it and are afraid I will just skip over this: Okay...this family takes this VW van on a trip to California (I forget where they were from but I think they said it was 700 miles). Well, the van breaks down and needs a clutch (I think)...well, it needs something but the part is going to take a long time and the family was on a deadline to get to Cali for a beauty pageant. So, they would push the van and after it got up to a certain speed they could start it and jump in the van. I SWEAR that is something the Millers would do. I told Jake that would be us on our next vacation with his family. We just laughed and laughed. It is true!

One more thing about the movie - it is rated R and I wouldn't watch it with children around. There is a lot of foul language in it. Which I could go on and on about. Is is necessary? We watched The Departed last week and it was full of the F bomb. Well, it was a good movie and full of violence (departed as in dead, get it?) so I guess the language was just as bad as getting your brains splattered on the wall, right? It was a good movie as well, if you can get past the yuck factor. It did win Best Picture of the Year.
I was going to give you a book review too but I ran out of time. Sorry. I will tell you about it later. Have a good day!


Jake said...

The departed was a good movie except for the sex scene. I can deal with the language if it's appropiate to the movie theme. I didn't feel that the language in Little Miss Sunshine was appropiate for the movie theme, there is a lot of adult content (topics) in the movie as well. It was an interesting movie.

delilah said...

Funny...I don't even remember the sex scene in that movie...men & women are so different.