Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Parade of Skinny People.....

If you live in a place that has sidewalks, you'll know what I am talking about. For us the parade was on Tuesday. It happens every year, usually on the first warm day. Every skinny person (especially stay at home mom's who have been cooped up all winter), step away from their treadmills and join in the parade. Tuesday morning I got ready for the day pretty early, opened the blinds to let the sunshine in and there they were...prancing outside my window. I watched, thinking...hmmmm....that should be motivating. Well, I watched my friends children that day until about noon. After my kids took their naps we did go outside and we stayed out until dark (other than to eat, of course). By time we made it out the skinny people parade was over and the more rubenesque had made their way out doors. That was good. Later that evening, while Jake was getting the kids ready for bed I headed out to Handels (the ice cream place) to get our bedtime "treat". After all, we did walk and ride our bikes so we needed to make up for all that healthy stuff. The place it fairly close to our house so I went alone to pick the stuff up and bring it home. When I pulled in I was surprised to see there was a parade of sorts....well, it wasn't moving so I guess I can't call it a parade....let's say a "gathering" of rather large people surrounding the ice cream stand. Seriously...there wasn't ONE skinny person there. My theory is that they were all tired from their early morning march. The display may have normally worked as a serious turn off but hey, I am pregnant and I wanted ice cream. For the first 18 weeks of pregnancy I hadn't been able to eat the stuff without better believe I am going to make up for lost time!!!! Plus, knowing what I was going to order, I felt more comfortable surrounded by people that weren't going to stare in shock!!!! It took me a while to make up my mind but I finally settled on a chocolate Oreo cookie a waffle cone. It was HUGE. I swear it had at least a half a sleeve of Oreo cookies in that waffle cone. Do you know, I normally don't even like chocolate ice cream that much and I am not really a HUGE Oreo fan but that ice cream was the best thing I had eaten in a while and I have been thinking about it ever since. I wonder what time that place opens....I could go for one now.

Either way, I think a lot of people become painfully aware of their "status" this time of year with the warmer weather and less clothing and all. I only have the prospect of gaining in my horizon. At least I have an excuse this summer. No, seriously - I am trying to be more healthy and I know I need to exercise more (which I have been talking about for some time now). I think I am even going to go take a class at the Nat next week. Jake has been trying to get me to go to the gym with him and now Justiene has joined I am fighting a loosing battle. Besides, I am sure it will give me something good to write about, right?


Anonymous said...

TRUST ME-the excersise is good, no great-but really it's all about the PORTION ONTROL. For real.

Anonymous said...

i meant portion's early... melanie