Monday, March 05, 2007

It's A Party...

A very BIG Blog Party. The ladies over at 5 Minutes For Mom are hosting the Ultimate Blog Party. If you participate you can win fabulous prizes and you will definitely find some great blogs you didn't know were out there! There are already over 600 people at the party!!! WOW! I hope to see you there!!!!!

EDIT***** Okay, I guess I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do here when I posted about the party. I should have introduced myself! About 100 people stopped by and now they probably think I am rude (sorry!!!).

So - I will tell you a little about me and my blog. I am Delilah, a 33 year old, wife of 5 years, mother to two and one more on the way. I have been blogging for a year and a half. You can't believe the drama it has caused. People are very sensitive. Either way...I am a pretty bold person with lots to say - sometimes rubbish I should keep to myself and other times, thought provoking or maybe even entertaining. One thing I can say is...I am ALWAYS me. Always have been walking to the beat of my own drummer and humming along. If you are interested I will list a few of my posts you may want to check out to learn a little more about my blog and me!!!

I'd love to know who stopped by so leave me a comment! I am trying to get around to visit everyone else's blogs. I have a feeling I will still be working my way through the list long after the party is over. Whew....there is a lot of reading to do!

Here are some posts you may want to check out!
How to save the world!!!!
Stuff I Made
Sunday Evening Reflection
Praying for Rabbits

These are just a select few. I hope you enjoy your visit! Stop back again!


Alexis Jacobs said...

Stopping by your party! Happy Monday :)

Mama's Moon said...

Just party-hopped on over to see how you're doing! Congrats on being prego!! What a wonderful experience, wishing you all the blessings in the world! Have a wonderful party-week!!!

Andrea said...

hi Delilah!
have a great week!

Butrfly4404 said...

Hey there Delilah! (Sorry, I love that song!!!)

Stopping in for the party and to wish you a great week!

~Melissa~ said...

Thanks for visiting! Just stopping by to check out your party :)

Michelle said...

Hi there - I am just doing the party rounds. Nice to meet you.

s@m said...

I'm cruising the party scene! Have a great week!

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the party. Nice to meet ya.

My 3rd party favor give away has begun. If ya get a chance come on over.


Esther said...

Hey, I'm big on volunteering too. I'm 37, have three kids, and I volunteer in a Special Needs class twice a week at a local grade school.

I found you from The Party. Best wishes.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Party hopping...thanks for dropping by my corner. Hope you're having a great week. ;)

Holly's Corner

Melissa said...

Thanks for coming by to party with me. Congratulations on the growing baby! I enjoyed browsing your site and will visit more. Melissa

Alexandra said...

Party hopping...where's the juicy drama posts you were talking about?! LOL. Maybe I need to look at a few more posts.

Susanne said...

Just stopping by to say hello from the party. Congrats on expecting!

Brandie said...

Hello! It's so nice to stop by and meet you =)
Although I might not always agree with what is being said, I love people who just say what they mean without beating around the bush or sugar coating it (which is really funny since that is what I do a lot!
Anyway, you have a great blog here =)