Friday, March 30, 2007

I (Finally) Made Something From Scratch!!!!

The last few weeks I have, of course, made things from scratch but I haven't had time to post anything. My original plan was to post about my made from scratch endeavors on Sunday but my Sunday's have been really busy. is the day.

This week is a challenge week but I am posting about something I have made before so I understand that disqualifies me for the prize (bummer). I haven't had much luck winning those prizes anyhoo....

This week I made a sling! There is a little bit of a story. I hope you don't mind. When I was pregnant with Elise I was looking for cloth diapers on a website that was also selling a pouch style sling. I had tried a sling with Jude but it was bulky and uncomfortable. To be honest I probably gave up too quickly. So, I see this sling and I think it might be better for me. The problem was the price. It cost somewhere around $50! I decided to look on ebay and found them a little cheaper but noticed they were custom made to fit you in a very short amount of time. I thought, well, if they can sew one - so can I. I did a little search on the internet and quickly found several sites that told you step by step how to make many different types of slings. Here are the directions I used. I made one for myself and one for my sister who was also pregnant at the time. I used mine all the time. I've made several since but I must admit I don't have the sizing thing quite down yet so I have been a little reluctant.

My friend, Jennifer, finally had her baby this week and she had asked me for a sling some time ago. I had bought the fabric but hadn't tackled the task yet. I had seen several ads in the pregnancy magazines for slings that were the same style only lined. I thought I would try it. The results were beautiful. I took it over yesterday and she loved it. Here are some pics.

It is kinda hard to see in the pics but the inside is a cream color with little pink flowers.

Here is a picture of Elise with baby Elizabeth. I let her hold her with my assistance. Don't worry Jude told her not to choke the baby (ha ha ha - some of you will get that). She did a great job until she decided she didn't want Mommy helping her. Right after this picture was taken she put a death grip on the baby and tried to get her from my hands. I told her NO so she grabbed the baby's face. Yikes. I have more than one child so....I understand they aren't that fragile and the baby was fine but Jennifer almost jumped out of her skin trying to save the baby from my little girl. Oh....I remember my first. I thought it was kinda funny. I don't think Jennifer found it so cute. Sorry Jen!

Here are a few websites that sell slings.
Peppermint Slings
Mamma's Milk
New Native


Heather said...

Cool Sling! I'll have to keep this in mind the next time I know someone who is pregnant!

amy said...

Great sling Delilah! Jennifer looks great (of course)!! Baby is beautiful! Elise is hilarious!!

ps- Nest is now selling purses that match the slings!

Stephanie said...

Elise is funny. Little mama, just wait to your baby is here!

Heather said...

wasn't it you that was just saying---where have all the bloggers gone??!!!

Becca said...

Your little girl has the cutest eyes! I can just imagine the face grabbing...poor Jennifer

Alexandra said...

Wow, nice job, and I like the color. I had a New Native sling, and that one looks a lot like it. I think that style is the most comfortable for mama and baby.

That baby is precious! He's loving his sling.

cdorsey said...

Great sling. I wish I would have had one of those when mine were little.


Celeste said...

I knew someone that used a sling with everyone ofeach baby she had. I thought they were neat! I love these.

Lisa Knight said...

Nice job on the sling & awwwwwwww to the baby!!! Makes me wish I had used one!!!