Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Late Thursday Thirteen....More Baby Names (Suggestions, please!!!)

Okay since Jake mentioned baby names on his blog and he actually got two comments (that is a lot for him) over it I thought I would throw some more names out there. They are mostly girl names because it looks like Holden or Grayson will probably win out if it is a boy (it probably isn't) so here are the girl names that I like!

1. Sloan
2. America (she could shorten it to Erica if she wanted to do so when she is older!)
3. Avery
4. Lillian
5. Phoebe
6. Eden
7. Keziah
8. Naomi
9. Lorna
10. Violet
11. Ila
12. Meredith
13. Blake (I had to throw in one boy name)


Janene said...

I LOVE the name Avery ~ I really wanted to name my daughter Avery...but my husband said no way. :(

We named her Danika Rae - but not after the racecar driver. Just because we liked the name...

Happy Thursday!

The GateKeeper said...

I really like America and Blake for a girl is fine too. Girl names I like would be: Jenna, Sierra, Summer, Shay, Shyanne (I made up that spelling, sorry. Well, those were on mind.

isunshine said...

I like alot of those names. I think Phoebe is my favorite right now from that list. You know, Amy is really great name :) I also like Hattie alot. I just asked Isabella what her favorite name for a little girl was and she said "Isabella Sunshine" . ha ha

amy said...

I only know girl Averys or Graysons but a boy would be cool. I like all of those!

m.o.M. said...

I like Phoebe and Naomi, but then I've known really nice people with those names.

Carol said...

I LOVE the name Lillian.


Lorna is a pretty name.

The Rock Chick said...

I have an Erica! What's funny is when she was little she used to call herself Princess Erica from America.

I also like the name Phoebe..I think it is so cute!!!My other favorite girls name of the moment is Piper, which is my new niece's name. So cute!!!

Great choices! It's a rought decision, I know :) Happy TT- Jessica

mom23guys1girl said...

I love Lillian. I named our girl Elizabeth Ann and we call her Libby.

Lillian is a beautiful and old-fashioned name, but still can be shorten to Lily if she wants to.

Good luck.

Raggedy said...

I like 4 and 8!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

delilah said...

Thanks for all the Phoebe love!!!! I really like that is probably my favorite right now but Jake is against it. Overall I think we have a pretty good list going on. Probably it will be a boy....since I have all the great girl names!!!

Heather said...

I love Phoebe, too. I also like Alaina, Hadley and Addison.

Pho said...

If you care about whether a name is getting popular or not, the Social Security Admin has a great "Baby Names" feature on their website. You can look at lists of the most popular, you can break it down by state (most popular Ohio girl name: Emma) or you can plug in a name and see where it is and whether it's moving up or down (Kid T is in the mid hundreds, but Kid Z just cracked the top 20 with a bullet.)

Here it is:

Also, if you name your daughter "NAomi," be prepared for people to call her "NIomi." Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off..."Sloan Peterson"

Mrs. M said...

I like boy names for girls, so Blake is way cute. I've also heard the name Blakley if you want to give it a girly twist. I like Sloan, Eden, Avery, and Lilly. I've considered the name Lilly.

Mandy said...

I really like the name Willow from your other list. By the way I'm Tim's other cousin (Heather's sister) and I also went to school with Jake. I read your blog all the time.

Timothy Appleton said...

Mandy's comin' out!

So here goes: Not really a Fan of Sloan, America Miller kinda sounds good, Avery, no. Lillian (I have a tenant named that and she can get pretty annoying sometimes so that doesn't sound good to me) Phoebe actually is not bad, Eden, well I have a good friend that named their girl that so it would be confusing to me. All the rest don't really turn me on. When you start to get into the Amish names then you are going down a slippery slope. I actually like the bible names that make you sound Amish, but Whatever. We didn't grow up Amish, so it doesn't sound all that bad.

curiousgirl said...

those are sweet names but i think my fav is rixey lol or jade a cute name or even kanisha lol well hope all i going well see ya later!

~Jacki said...

Lillian is the only one I like! Meredith isn't too bad. And Avery is live-able. But do you really want your child to be made fun of? Come on Delilah! At least Willow is off the list! Lillian is my vote (which you know counts as more than one!!!)