Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16...Things I Learned In College For Free!!!!

A college education is very expensive (especially these has TRIPLED since I graduated and it hasn't been that long ago!). Yesterday, while at my pottery class, we were talking about the things we learned in college that didn't cost us a penny! Ha ha ha ha. Some of the things aren't appropriate to write here but I thought I could come up with 13 things I learned for free!!!

1. Wintergreen Life Savers spark when you chew them in the dark!!!

2. How to sleep through any noise (music, yelling, laughing, talking, etc...).

3. 101 different ways to eat Ramen Noodles.

4. Cereal is good all times of the day!

5. How to detect if someone has been using my laundry detergent, shampoo, toothpaste or nail polish remover!

6. How to drink for cheap!!! Dollar pitcher night, frat parties, free birthday shots....

7. How to get into concerts for free! It is not what you think. Advice: work at a concert venue & get connections to all the other places. I swear I didn't pay for half the concerts I attended!

8. Time Management - Juggling work, school and a social life.

9. Crossword Puzzle Skills - I needed something to do during that Quantitative Methods of Behavioral Sciences class.

10. How to have a quite fashionable wardrobe from Thrift Stores.

11. How to share a living space with other people (preparation for marriage)!

12. How to Rollerblade. I have scars to prove it!

13. How to paint my toe nails, pluck my eyebrows, distinguish between everyday clothes & "date" clothes and basically how to be girlie!

Have a fabulous Thursday!
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jenny said...

sounds like u had a great college days! and those are good tips for college students too!

busy91 said...

College sounded like a blast for you. Happy TT!

Carmen said...

*sigh* I miss college. ;) I have a poster that is titled "Everything I need to know I learned at UVA" and it mentions some things like this.

JAM said...

Who says college doesn't teach you any of the realities of life? Well, I guess it might not, you learned these outside the classroom.

Killer list of stuff. I know Ramen Noodles are only about 15 cents per package, but if you had wanted to really live large, 25 cents would have bought you a no-name brand of mac and cheese.

Dragonheart said...

It sounds like you learned a lot in college! Terrific list. :)

BeckyD said...

I learned that if you put a candy cane in your hot chocolate, everyone thinks that's where the mint flavor comes from instead of the peppermint schnapps that's in there.

I've learned the fastest way to get over a hang over is excedrin and a pepsi.

(gee I sound like all I did was drink my way through college...hummmm)

Great list. Mines up too.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I learned that if you are the local DJ, you get into ALL the shows for free. And if no one calls to win the tickets you have to give away, so do your friends!

Cecile said...

Wow! I learned most of the same things in college as well!

Turnbaby said...

I remember all of those except rollerblading. I had 'some' sense LOL

Nice post

Laughing Muse said...

I think that people can learn a slightly different set of things if they live away from home, whereas if you attend the local school and live with your parents...well, you learn stealth when sneaking back in after a night of fun. :D