Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4 - Dream Jobs....

I was laid off from my job this week. I am sad about the lost wages but happy to have a little extra time with my children each day. I was contemplating embarking on yet another new career and thought I would dedicate this Thursday Thirteen to my internal (haven't sent out any resumes yet) search. Feel free to tell me your own dream job...maybe I will be inspired.

1. A Writer - well, I already am a writer but I would like to get paid for writing. I have thought about this often. I think I would need to take an English class because I rarely paid attention during grammar lessons in school. I use....those dots too much and I end sentences with unnecessary prepositions. I'd like to write a book...I have a few great stories inside me. With all the drama my blog has caused, imagine what a book could do.

2. Radio Talk Show Host - I talked about this last week.

3. College Professor - I'd like to teach something in the Social Science field or Human Sexuality. I think I could make a difference.

4. Youth Advocate - You get paid to hang out with troubled kids/teens and take them to do activities like bowling or shopping. How fun.

5. A Photographer - I love taking pictures. I have thousands of them. I particularly like spontaneous face shots...not portraits so much.

6. A Potter - I would LOVE to have my own studio & just create stuff all day long. I would make mostly functional stuff. I am not one for art that is just for looking.

7. Professional Scrapbooker - Do you ever read any of those scrapbooking magazines? There are actually women who get paid to design scrapbook pages. That is what they do. How cool.

8. TV Cooking Show Host - I would make my cooking show realistic. The studio would be set up like my kitchen at home & my kids would be on the show. If I was distracted and something didn't turn out (like it often does not) I would still air it. It would probably be more of a comedy/cooking show spoof. I would be like Rachel Ray - except nothing would be pre-washed or pre-chopped.

9. Rock Star - enough said.

10. Coffee Shop Owner - I always wanted to open a coffee shop.

11. Florist - over the years I have threatened to leave the Social Service field & become a florist. I think I'd really enjoy arranging flowers & smelling roses all day.

12. Activist - ooooooooo...this one should have been higher on the list. I have a flare for the dramatic & feel very passionate about the things I believe in. Uh, I also like a little controversy here & there.

13. Stay at home mom. I guess dreams do come true....

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MommyBa said...

I am very much into photography but I'm still a beginner. Scrapbooking is something I've been doing for the past year or so but I dabble the digital side of it and just like you, I'm aiming to be one of those women on CK or Simple Scrapbooks. But of course, being a SAHM is just one career I wouldn't give up (if only I'm a millionaire).

Happy Thursday!

Caylynn said...

Nice list. Sorry to hear you were laid off. :(

I have one of my dream jobs (group fitness instructor) and I'm working towards another (physiotherapist - I'm currently working on a Masters in Physiotherapy).

Good luck with the job search.

Laughing Muse said...

Well, bleah...

On the other hand, if you choose to take the month of December "off", you'll find that companies all "wake up" in January. All those job requisitions and projects and contracts are finally opened back up after a one- to two-month hibernation period, and you should be able to find something in January.

Good luck to you!!!

oy_withthepoodlesalready said...

I vote professional card maker! Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I feel special to have one! :-) And congrats on the baby!! How exciting!!! I can't imagine how cute this one will be - those Christmas pictures are so precious! (Can you tell I catch up on my reading/commenting all at once?!) Miss ya! We'll have to stamp or scrap or something together sometime - or maybe just paint more t-shirts ;-)