Friday, December 01, 2006

A quickie...

Okay, so I don't have time to post today but I am going to anyhoo....just a short one. My kids are so weird. Jude has a new favorite hobby. He recently learned how to use scissors and loves cutting stuff. Yesterday he asked me if he could cut his & Elise's hair. yikes. I told him if he ever did that he would be banned from the scissors indefinitely. He doesn't know what that means but it scared him enough that I don't think he will be cutting any hair. Later he found my pipe cleaners and decided to cut the fuzz off them. He has been doing it all morning. He is so strange.

Have a great week-end.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just gotta have a quickie.



Sorry! Just couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

I think its the age. Jacob does the same thing. Leave it to "squiggle" to leave that comment