Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two Posts....One Day

Okay, so this is my second post of the day. I wanted to do the Thursday Thirteen thing but I did the Wordless Wednesday yesterday and posted pics the day before....I feel like I haven't really talked to you. So, here I am.

First I would like to thank everyone for your baby blessings. I will be going to the doctor on Tuesday. She will probably do an ultrasound to get an official due date. We are thinking somewhere between the end of June & early August. Since I will have a C-section the baby will be born a week before the actual due date. As for being pregnant (not my favorite thing BTW), I am fine. I haven't felt sick or anything. Just a little tired & terrible headaches. I had them with Jude too. Does that mean it's a boy??? I guess we won't know until I have the "big" ultrasound. We do find out. I like to know in advance. Maybe we will find out but not tell anyone. ha ha ha ha. That would be mean.

Elise was sick this week. Well, for like one day. She had a fever and threw up a few times. She seems to be feeling better. That is good news.

Yesterday I finished my last pottery piece that I can give as a gift. I didn't really get much pottery done. Next year I need to start early. I had two really beautiful pieces (if I don't say so myself) but I already gave them away (birthday & house warming gift). Other stuff either warped or the glaze sucks or I just don't like the piece. I have high hopes for my latest cool thing. I am still learning and getting better so I am happy.

Some of you may have seen that Kristen left me a comment apologizing for an earlier comment she posted. I wanted to say thank you to her. We finally talked and everything is okay. I feel really relieved because I was super stressed about the whole situation. As women, many times we try to avoid talking about uncomfortable things (like when someone has upset you or when you are mad about something) and really we make it worse on ourselves. Most of the time when you talk about it you find out the problem either didn't really exist or it wasn't so bad or you find out that you can forgive and move on. I try to be upfront with people but even I mull over stuff too much. And you never know how the other person will react is a little bit of a risk. I guess we have to do what we feel is right and then move on. I don't know. Currently I have two other situations that have been bothering me. In both cases I have sent emails and haven't gotten a response. hmmmmm.... Either way, I did want to acknowledge that K left that nice comment and say everything is cool. Cool?

Well have a great day!

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