Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Am I Naive???

I put the kids down for "quiet time"/nap time and decided I was going to take a nap myself. I needed something to drink so I had to walk downstairs to get that. I decided I would carry the laundry down since I was walking down stairs anyhow. When I got to the kitchen I looked at the floor and noticed it was extremely dirty so I grabbed a broom and swept it real quick. Then I got my drink and carried the laundry to the basement. Since I was in the basement I decided I should go ahead and start the laundry, which meant I would have to sort it all out. After I got the first load in I started back upstairs and walked passed the computer. That is how I ended up here typing this post.

I've been thinking a lot about having this baby and how life is going to change. Not that anyone has let me think for one minute things would be the same. It is amazing how many people, some almost complete strangers say things like - "your life is really going to change when you have three." Well, DUH. Do I think it is something I won't be able to handle? No way. I am not naive. In fact, I look forward to enjoying this baby in a way I wasn't able to enjoy my other babies. When I had Jude and Elise we worked as Respite Houseparents. I think we got two weeks off with both births but as soon as that two weeks was up we got kids. Two at a time. I am not sure that people know what life was really like (unless you have done a similar job or spent time with us while we were doing the job). Some of the kids were fantastic. Easy and even helpful but others...oh the stories I have to tell. So, two weeks after I had Jude and Elise we were thrown right back in - we didn't have only one child or two children we had three or four and a dog. Trust me troubled children and a dog have to be worse than a newborn baby. We had to run the kids to appointments, cook balanced meals, entertain the kids, deal with case workers and write up detailed reports about it all. Granted we only kept the job until Elise was 5 months old but PULEEZE do not think I am naive. I know what babies are like. Elise spoiled us but man Jude did not. He cried all the time but we made it through. I am praying this baby is pleasant and sleeps like Elise did. If she doesn't I think I can handle it. It isn't like I have had a good nights sleep for the last 4 months anyhow. I am used to being up. Not that I like it or would even choose it but I have lived with it and I think I am fine. Do I sound smug or mean? I guess I just feel like people are waiting for me to fail or be miserable. Maybe I am just too hormonal or whatever right now. It is just what I was thinking about while sorting my laundry. Maybe next time I will give you my commentary about why I don't want to name the baby something popular or why I choose to use cloth diapers on occasion. Until then....have a great day!


Heather said...

I have to laugh when people make random comments like, "It's so much different with two or three." No kidding! Actually, I think they are really saying out loud what they are remembering. I know I've told people that it's different with two, but it's when I am thinking about all of the sibling rivalry that goes on or the logistics of one more in the house.
I'm sure it's nothing personal. I mean, you have two other children; it's not like you just got pregnant on a whim or have proclaimed you never want children.
Hope you got your nap. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh it going to be a long 9 days or what!? You are soooo funny. I don't think anyone is calling you naive...and I think you are hormonal...just a bit. I tend to think (at times)that having more than one is a good thing, they occupy each other.

Good luck with the name hunt. I mean, you do have a WHOLE 9 days to decide. :)

Love to you!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Who said You were naive? Please. I think I like Matilda.. as in Waltzing Matilda...

Stephanie said...

I don't care what anyone says, three is an adjustment because you are outnumbered now, but the hardest adjustment is the first one. By the third you know your life revolves around the little ones it no big shock. Plus you have more knowledge to draw on and are more confident. Every baby is an adjustment, but you will be fine!