Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...Concerts I've Attended

When I was younger I used to go to see live bands every week. Eventually I got a job at Blossom (outdoor amphitheater) and worked there for like 4 or 5 summers. It was so fun. I got into shows for free, got to meet some famous people and met other people who had connections and got free tickets to other venues. It was GREAT!!! I also worked at a restaurant with this guy who went on to work for a radio station. He hooked me up a few times. Either way, I have seen quite a selection of bands. Here is a sliver of my list.....

1. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

2. The Cleveland Orchestra

3. Cypress Hill, Eryakah Badu, Brand New Heavies, George Clinton & Outkast (Smokin' Grooves)

4. Jimmy Buffett

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers

6. Beastie Boys

7. Chicago

8. Mary Chapin Carpenter

9. Pearl Jam

10. Peter Gabriel

11. Hole

12. Eminem

13. Sting

Man....this list doesn't even do the diversity of my concerts justice. Maybe I will do another list another day!


Anonymous said...

Make sure on the next one you list the Spice Girls!!

Anonymous said...

You don't look like the Eminem type!