Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth of July....a day late!!!

Wow, what a busy day we had yesterday. We started the day off by having breakfast with our friends. It is our second year getting together for breakfast so I guess it is now a tradition. After eating blueberry pancakes we rushed off to the parade. We were a little worried it would rain but luckily it held off. I hate to say that when we really need rain so badly but who wants rain on a parade??? The kids liked parade. There was a lot of candy. Elise thought she had to eat every single piece of candy as she got it. Needless to say she was full of tootsie rolls by time we left. Jude on the other hand wanted to save his for later but Elise and the other kids kept eating it. In the end, he had plenty left!

After the parade, we had a picnic to attend with some other friends. I made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt to the breakfast/parade (I was attempting to be patriotic) and by time the parade was over I had blueberries, dirt, tootsie rolls and who knows what else on parts of the shirt that I can't even see.... So, I talked Jake into stopping by Target and bought a cute little sweater thingy to go over my mess. I hate buying maternity clothing this late in the game but I haven't really bought that many so I can justify a clearance rack purchase.

We finally made it to the picnic. Everyone was starving. Good thing because there was a TON of food there. It was very good. Besides the food, there were many people there that we haven't seen in a long time. Many....well, all of them were from our old church. I haven't commented on the old church in a long time because the last time I went on my little rant about how I was feeling it ended up being the subject of a sermon. I did go a little overboard but I think what certain people failed to realize it that I was talking about myself and how I was feeling. I admitted I was in a very bad place. I wanted (very badly) for someone to tell me I was wrong - that people weren't "shunning" us. For the most part, they weren't. I think many people didn't realize or felt a little awkward....probably afraid of what I would say to them. But there are people who still don't talk to us. That is okay. I only wish them the best. I am so past all that drama! So....back to the picnic. It felt good to see old friends and not feel like an outsider. And....the hostess went all out (as always) which made it so nice.

After the picnic we went home, took naps, then woke up and heading back to the breakfast friends home to have dinner. We were all wiped out by bedtime. We didn't go to the fireworks because they were so late. We might try to catch some this week-end.

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