Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two Days???? Yikes!

Wow, the reality of having another baby is very real today. Last night when I woke up to go the bathroom I thought, "man, when the baby wakes up I won't be able to go right back to bed...I'll have to feed her."

I wish I could say I have been busy making preparations this week but I have actually been reading the new Harry Potter book. I finished it yesterday - it was almost 800 pages. It is a "kids" book but it isn't that easy of a read. If you don't pay attention to every sentence and even word you may miss an important detail. It was not my favorite of her 7 books but it was indeed very good. Jake listed the book on last night and it already sold. Sorry if you wanted to borrow it.

Other than that I will say I have seriously slowed down. I am exhausted. Everything I do depletes my energy. Which really stinks because I had big plans for this week. Jake has been picking up the slack and was doing some scrubbing yesterday. Wasn't that nice of him?

I've been "working" on a little business adventure. Well, I have been planning and making some things to sell. I know everyone has been saying for a while I should sell stuff and I know I should. This fall I plan to do a craft show or two. I have lots of different stuff. Pottery, cards, purses, etc.... I think I need to pick one thing and go with it. I don't know. Once I get the "new" project going I will post about it. In fact, I think I am going to go work on it now so I will talk to you more tomorrow! See you then!

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Jake said...

Yike!! Two days and no name.