Sunday, December 02, 2007

Forgive Me....

I am a little behind on my "pandering". That is what my friend JenF calls it. She is very funny. Last week she called me to tell me she sold her engagement ring (from a past relationship) on ebay. She made a few bucks off it. I think she should take that money and go on a nice vacation. We never really talked about what she was going to do with the money. The whole thing started me thinking about the person she sold the ring to (someone in the UK). I made up this whole story in my head about how some guy was buying it to ask some girl to marry him over the holidays - I am probably pretty accurate. I think it is pretty wise and thrifty to buy a used ring. I wouldn't mind. Then I started thinking about the story behind the ring. Jen dated the guy who gave her the ring for a long time - years. She waited a long time for that ring. The guy finally bought her a ring but they never set a date. She had picked out a few but for dumb reasons those dates didn't work out. Things like someone in his family had to work that day.... THANK GOD it never worked out. Those two were never meant to be. Pretty quick after she found out her fiance had a girlfriend on the side she started dating this other guy. Let me tell you....two men could not be so different. Well, to make a long story short, she married the new guy. I've heard her say her ex did her a favor by cheating on her because if he hadn't she wouldn't have ended up with Neil. But I am really off track here....would you want a ring that had such a horrible story behind it? I guess you wouldn't know the story but you have to know if someone is selling an engagement ring there has to be a breakup story involved. At least this one had a happy ending.

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~Jacki said...

Ok, so I read the blog part of this before, but today was the first time I watched the video. You could have warned me about the needle!! I thought I was going to throw up. I can't take needles. Even hearing the word makes me cringe.