Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Heart....

Yesterday we got our Christmas Tree. It was quite a fiasco. The first place we went to was sooooo expensive. I almost passed out. We left and went to another place and bought what we thought was a not so great tree but affordable. We got it home and after we got it up it looks really nice. I put the lights on last night and because one strand was not working (typical) it took me forever and one trip to the store so we didn't put on the decorations until this afternoon. As we were hanging the ornaments I mentioned to Jake that this one little ornament I have had for a long time was from an ex boyfriend. My first boyfriend. He gave me this heart ornament and it was in with my mom's ornaments until I moved out. On my first Christmas away from home she gave me a bunch of ornaments and that heart just happened to be one of them. I kept it because I like hearts. In fact we have a little heart ornament theme going on (remember our WEDDING FAVORS???). I didn't think anything about it because Jake has never been a jealous type - quite the opposite. But he make an issue of the heart. I think I threw it at him several times (in a playful way) and he kept hanging it back up but then still making comments. I think he ended up throwing it away. Silly. I don't really care either way. I told him if he had ever bought me an ornament I would have hung it up instead but since he never has...... I love (or should I say I "heart") harassing him. IWC watch

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