Saturday, December 29, 2007

O, Christmas Tree...

We took our tree down today. It was leaning and dropping needles. All season we have said we are going to buy a fake one for next year but thus far we have not. I figure we should wait until we see our new house. A tree we buy for this house might not be appropriate for a the new house. Speaking of houses. There is a house I really want but it is really out of our price range. Just if that debt was all taken care of... I love this house and I think it is perfect for our family.

Anyhoo....I don't even know why I went down the "we are going to buy a house" road.

I wanted to talk about Christmas gifts. We had a really nice Christmas. I love giving. Some day, when we are rich, I am going to buy people stuff all the time. I won't buy junk just to buy junk but stuff that people need. I can't wait.

I received some great gifts for Christmas this year. Of course, I got many things for the kitchen: a cast iron griddle/grill (one that goes across two burners!), a cast iron wedge pan (for cornbread) and two attachments for my kitchenaid (the ice cream maker & slicer/shredder). Jake & I also got many gift certificates and a Kodak digital picture frame (a ten inch is nice). Oh....I also got my first power tool!!! It is a Craftsman Rotary Tool. I am so excited. I have big plans for it.

The kids were, of course, spoiled beyond belief. Toys, books, cds....we do need that house. Nana made them really nice bean bag chairs. They take up most of our living room. I tried to hide them in the corner but the kids insist on keeping them out. Jude thinks he is Spider Man so he keeps jumping from one to another. Elise got TONS of Hello Kitty stuff.

I had to abandon many handmade gifts this year due to lack of time. I did, however, give out those little clothespin dolls I made. I don't know if anyone really liked them....I think they did. I made calendars again for my Mom & Linda. Instead of buying the kit like I did last year, I actually designed my own. It probably cost the same, and took way more time but the finished product was better and had a lot more photos. I ran out of time so I still own them each February. I plan to do that this week.

I did buy a few gifts at Goodwill. I know it may sound tacky but it was good stuff. Baskets to put stuff in, cookbooks, scrapbooks, picture frames.... Pretty much all the stuff was brand new. I don't think anyone minded. I love finding deals.

I am planning to do a big craft show next November. I am going to have to work on it all year. Hopefully, it will help me stay on track with some of these Christmas ideas I have. Every year I say....if I only had started sooner. So this year I am!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


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