Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey, Wanna go look at the Christmas lights???

Wow, Christmas is over. It went so fast this year. Usually we celebrate for like two weeks but this year it was all squished into 5 days. I don't really feel that post Christmas let down so that is good. We ended up having a great time with both our families during Christmas. I'm sure I will be telling you all about it in the next few posts. We went to West Virginia for a Christmas in the hundred acre woods. It was nice but short. We are always in some sort of rush while we are down there. Hopefully soon we can come down and just relax. We had our Christmas celebration (i.e. feasting and exchanging gifts....then more eating) on Sunday. There had been talk about going for a drive and looking at the Christmas lights. It had rained on Sunday and all NINE kids had been cooped up in the house all day, so it sounded like a great idea. So, we loaded into three minivans and headed for the hills. Before we set off, Jake let his dad know that we were almost out of gas. We have this little electronic thingy that tells us how many miles we have until empty. It said 30 miles when we left. Paul said we would stop at this little station at the end of seven mile road - which is not so ironically seven miles long. That shouldn't be a problem, right? BTW...the kids were asleep at about the three mile mark. Well, we get off 7 mile road and Paul turns right before we get to the station. Hmmm...we aren't sure what is going on but we kinda think he may have said something about a station near rte 64 so we aren't too worried. At this point our mileage thing says we have 11 miles to empty. It obviously isn't completely accurate since we had only driven 8ish miles. We get to 64 and Paul turns on his signal and gets on the highway. At that point we were really confused at what Paul was doing so we didn't follow him. The last thing we wanted was to run out of gas on an interstate highway. So....we went some crazy way and ended up at a gas station. After a phone call we realized they got off at the next exit, which was close and headed to a gas station, where Paul was a "member" and saved 3 cents a gallon. It wasn't a big deal, we agreed to meet at the station they were at as soon as we were done. After Jake pumped his gas he waited for a receipt to print but it didn't. He needed a receipt therefore, he went inside to get one. The line was ten people long. It took forever. Like 15-20 minutes. The kids were still sleeping. Okay, we got on the road and finally met up with the others. We had a little laugh. They, of course, thought we would have been fine. Jake's answer was, "why push it to the limit?". I say, even with the crazy long line it took less time than if we had run out of gas. Besides, it gave me a good story for my blog. After the whole gas dilemma we headed for the lights. We went to this nice development that had huge houses with elaborate Christmas light displays. Just as we drove in, the kids woke up. Great. We followed Paul around the development. It was all hills and curves. I don't know how he found his way around that place. I had no idea where we were. After driving through there we decided to head over to some other light display they had seen last year. I guess it was some rich house lit up with accompanying music. Right before we got there Elise told me she was sick. Just moments later, she started barfing. Now come didn't think I was going to tell you a story about driving around in West Virginia without someone barfing did you? She is barfing A LOT. There wasn't a good place to pull over with a caravan of minivans. Jake drove a little then the smell hit him. He started gagging. And gagging. I was getting mad. Oh man, if he had thrown up............. But he didn't. So, he pulls into this driveway and jumps out of the van. Avery is crying. Jude is as pale as a ghost. Elise is screaming. We have exactly one napkin and three wipes in our van. I start cleaning Elise off and Jake goes over to the other cars to try to get some supplies. Steph has about 6 wipes. That is it. No napkins, kleenex, towels, rags....nothing. Why???? We should know someone was going to be throwing up. But, it is the Miller Way, right? I ended up breaking out the shout wipes to clean off the car seat. We didn't have a change of clothes for Elise so Jude had to take off his shirt and give it to her. He still had a coat. Luckily between the three vans we had two blankets we could wrap her up in. Poor thing. It was freezing out.

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Come to find out - the lights weren't even up this year and the drive we turned into was were they normally were.

After we get her cleaned up we headed home. Avery was screaming still - because she was hungry a this point. I rode in the back with the kids and sang Christmas carols the whole way home. It was pretty fun. In case you were wondering: Elise is fine now. She was just car sick.

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