Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Drive Home... Gagging Part 3

If you are new to my blog you may want to get a little background to this post by reading my previous post called "Is the Gag Reflex Hereditary" and then read "The Thirteenth Day of Christmas...Warning Do Not Read While Eating". The Miller family has a real way with barfing. Smells, sounds and any curves in the road send breakfast flying. Jude has always had a weak stomach. Paul, well he can't handle much. And Miles...poor Miles. He is always barfing. As a kid he'd take to big of bites or eat to fast and barf. Now his family moved to West Virginia and he now has a future of hurling to look forward to. I am telling you all this to get to my story......our latest puking edition. Sunday we left West Virginia around 4 PM. We had planned to leave earlier in the day but we got caught up with the horses and by time we all got back to the house lunch ended up being late in the afternoon. As soon as we finished eating (a lot, I might add) we packed up our stuff and tried to head home. The problem was the van didn't start. I don't know what the issue is...all sorts of things are going wrong. I guess it is fine now because it started just fine yesterday. Either way, we set out on our journey home. To get back to the main road (rt 7 or rt 2???) you have two choices of roads. One is straighter but a little longer of a drive. The other is one of the curviest roads you have ever seen. I am not exaggerating. If you haven't spent time in West Virginia you probably wouldn't understand because it is the only place I have ever experienced roads like this one. Curves & Hills, curves & hills one right after another. Well, we took the curvy, yet shorter road. We didn't get very far (for those of you that know the road - by the old firetruck). I started feeling a little queasy. I told Jake, "if I ask you to pull over - please do it immediately, I think I am going to hurl." He laughed at me but agreed he would. I then complained about the stupid curvy road...yada yada yada. Just then, Elise starts coughing- not a big deal since she has had a cold. Suddenly the cough turned into a gargling hocker type sound. I looked back and it is like the barfing faucet was turned on. Barf everywhere. Jude sat there and wasn't phased (amazing isn't it?). Jake pulls over and we have to change her clothes, clean her up, de-barf her car seat....then we go on our merry way. I wish that was the end of the story. It isn't. We drove for another mile or so of curves and here she goes again...barfing barfing barfing. I'm thinking...I don't have enough clean outfits for this. So, we pull over again and start the process all over. I thought she was just getting sick but she hasn't thrown up since. Elise has never been much of a gagger or barfer. In fact she has only ever thrown up a few times. So....the moral of this story is: Do not go on the curvy road unless you haven't eaten for a few hours or bring your barf bag!


Stephanie said...

Oh no not another Miller puker! I thought it was only the males!

isunshine said...

It sounds like Miss Elise gets carsick. Is she usually sleeping in the car on curvy roads? Ah ha.