Thursday, November 09, 2006

My First Thursday Thirteen....Happy Birthday Heather!

Today is my little sister, Heather's birthday. In honor of this special day I am dedicating my first Thursday Thirteen to her.


1. When we were kids we would get into fights (a lot). I would hit her and she would cry and say she was my punching bag. Don't feel to sorry for her because she always got me back by hitting my about 100 times in the same spot. It hurt.

2. I taught my sister to drive a stick shift car. I took her to Mill Hollow and she was practicing. She was trying to make it up this little incline. If you drive stick you know the "hills" can be tricky at first. Well, she kept trying and stalling when some cute boy from our school (I can't remember who) came by and started talking to her. She was so embarrassed. After practicing for an hour or so I let her drive home. It was only a couple of miles. We lived on a fairly busy road (State Route 60). Everyone in our family always backed into the drive so we didn't have to back into the traffic. So as we approached our driveway I told Heather to back into the driveway. She was nervous but did what I asked. As she started to back up she went to push the break but got confused and hit the gas. It caused the car to do a backwards donut in our driveway. Our neighbors were outside and witnessed the whole thing. She was so humiliated that she immediately started crying. I was laughing so hard...I was crying. I guess we are lucky we didn't go back into the road or run over someone.

3. We sound exactly the same on the phone. In High School I would have here talk to guys that called me if I didn't want to talk to them.

4. On her 16th birthday her boyfriend came over our house and I think, gave her a rose. About an hour later she went to the mall with her friends and saw her boyfriend holding hands with another girl.

5. We had a cat named after that boyfriend....

6. That cat loved underwear. It was the strangest thing. It would get into the laundry and find a bra and carry it around the house. One day my sisters new boyfriend came over to meet the family. I set it up and gave the cat one of my sister's bras to carry into the living room in front of everyone. It worked. I thought she was going to die.

7. Heather is a Dental Hygienist. She went to school for it in West Virginia. Do you see the humor? Ha ha. Either way, she met her hubby, Ivan at West Liberty University. She was with our old friend, Tiffany, and they were watching boys riding their bikes and doing tricks. When she met him she had a boyfriend. After hanging out with Ivan and his friends she decided to break up with the boyfriend. She didn't want to break up over the phone so she waited until she came home for her birthday. I don't know if this is true but rumor has it that the boyfriend has purchased a ring and was planning to ask her to marry him. Yikes. I guess we will never know....because she started dating Ivan shortly after that and they got engaged the next year.

8. Heather got a tattoo while she was in college. She told me about it but I wasn't allowed to tell my parents. After I found out I had a dream that I was the one that got the tattoo. It was on my foot. I dreamed I was sleeping and my mom came into my room and lifted up my blankets to tickle my feet. When she did she was my tattoo. The whole thing stressed me out. But my mom eventually did see her tattoo. She was holding the bathroom door for my sister and had looked in the door while Heather was flushing. Her tattoo is on her lower right back. When she went to flush her shirt came up a little and my mom saw it. Well, later that day she said something to her about her having a tattoo. Needless to say, my mother wasn't happy. So, a day or so goes by and my dad says to my sister "Let me see your tattoo". So, she lowers the waist band of her pants and exposes her fish tattoo. My dad looks for a moment and then says..."Wait, I thought your mom said it was a tattoo of a flower." She paused for a moment and then admitted that was her other tattoo. You see, my mom didn't say what she saw and my sister assumed she had seen the tattoo in the front (on her hip bone). So, she got busted for both tattoos. She has a total of 3 now.

9. Heather was the captain of the cheer leading squad, on the May Day Court (like homecoming in the spring) & went to 3 proms. Yet, she wasn't a preppy type girl. She often wore combat boots and some made up fashion.

10. Heather used to love to climb. She would climb ropes, poles, trees, doorways, vines....anything. She was a little monkey.

11. When she was around 4 years old our neighbor caught Heather and the neighbors grandson exposing themselves to each other. I guess they realized they had different equipment and were showing it off. (Come on...I had to add one really bad story).

12. Heather was also a runner. She could run fast. One time this kid in our neighborhood threw a shoe at me and hit me in the eye. In fact, he gave a black eye. She chased & caught him. I held him down and we made him eat dirt. I was probably 11 or 12 at the time. That kid grew up and joined the Marines.

13. Heather is a great sister, mother, daughter and friend. Everyone who knows her loves her because she is so sweet. She is always so much fun and is always being kind to someone. She a punk rock girl in a woman's body but she will never loose her spunk. I love her.

Happy Birthday Heather!!!!

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Have a great day.


ali said...

happy birthday :)

i just learned how to drive stick father in law taught me. it was so stressful. you are a good sister!

amy said...

I love posting about my sister..Arent they wonderful, thanks for posting and happy bday

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! What a wonderful TT!!

Chaotic Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Okay, there was a little boy on our street who wanted to play doctor when I was growing up. Man, I'm SO GLAD I was such a prude at such an early age! ;)

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!

ribbiticus said...

wow! i can see why you love her a lot! happy birthday to heather! my tt's up! ;)