Monday, November 27, 2006

Check It Out!!!!

As many long time readers & fellow bloggers know...I have a Sitemeter on my page. It tells me how many people check out my blog each day and keeps a grand total. It is great for my ego (ha ha) and I can see who is reading when....well, it kinda does that. It shows me the ISP address & sometimes gives me a location. It also says how many pages were viewed, how they got to my blog, etc... You may recall me saying people are always searching for this or that...right? Well, last week Sitemeter failed me. I am not sure what happened but it deleted all my stats from last week. It may have done this before and I didn't notice but I have been keeping tabs for a couple of reasons... In the mean time I started to check out some new cool counters. I have installed a new one called Statcounter. It is really good - not because it counts the number of hits but because it gives me a lot of detail. It says what pages have been viewed, a complete ISP address & how long the person has been on my blog. An ISP address is pretty much pointless to me unless the people looking are at work. For example when Jake looks at my blog at work (ahem...rarely....since he is hard at work) his company name shows up. It works for others too. And the city is also a tip off. For most of my long time readers I know your ISP address. When I do those game things I end up with hits from all over the place. It is so interesting to watch the patterns. I hope this is all making sense. If you have a blog I highly suggest Statcounter (it is free). I do have to warn you- ignorance is bliss sometimes- the stats my upset might see that your ex is reading your blog or you may find out who that "anonymous" person really is (which can be shocking & hurtful) or that someone spends hours on your blog reading all your archives (a little strange when that happens)....or you might realize no one reads your blog.

Oh, this is useful information for any web-site you visit. They all know you have been there....big brother is watching!

I am going to work on Christmas cards now.....I will try to post later.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh....the gig is up. I have been found. Gosh darn it. I will now have to travel far and wide and log in from various places.

That should keep you on your toes and off my trail :)


~Jacki said...

So, this means you know I haven't been reading much lately and now I'm spending half an hour catching up :) Interesting...I may giveit a try...but do I really want to face the fact that no one reads my blog? Haha! Luckily I don't offend easily.