Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let's All Give Thanks....

I woke up this morning at 6:30 A.M. so I could get started on my "writing". I can't believe I just got to sit down. Jude also got up and of course wanted to watch T.V. & eat breakfast. Then he wanted the Christmas lights on and something to drink. Next he wanted to watch a different channel. Blah blah blah. Next thing I know it is 8 A.M. Where does the time go?

So, let me tell you about our trip to West Virginia. Tuesday afternoon Linda called to find out when we would be down. We had planned to leave early (around 6ish) Wednesday morning. That would give us a pretty big chunk of the day to hang out/ help with preparations/ etc... Well, when she asked me I decided we should leave when Jake got off work. I am not sure why I got the crazy notion but I called Jake at work & he said that was fine. I rushed around for the next few hours cleaning, finishing laundry, packing (yes, I even packed Jake's stuff - a first), shampooing the carpet (one of the reasons I talked myself into leaving early...I could shampoo & leave - so it could dry without being walked on - I am a little carpet obsessive) & I had to finish the dishes. I was tired by time Jake got home. He quickly packed up the van and we were off. Oh, except I forgot my book. So, I ran back inside to get it and the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and recognized it so I thought I would find out what was up and then if need be call back from my cell. Well, my friend had called to tell me about the comment someone had left on my blog (something about me being negative). I had already shut off my computer so I couldn't look at it. Bummer. So, I get back in the car & tell Jake. At that point we are both a little baffled because I (as most of you know) had requested that people who don't like my blog quit reading and I had also said if you didn't like something I wrote & you think it is inappropriate you should hold me accountable by letting me know. I guess I should have specified not to do it publicly or anonymously. But oh well. I was upset at first but after reading it again I think it is just a reflection of the person who wrote it and the insecurities she harbors. Just a guess. Either way it provided cheap entertainment for Jake & I for the trip down - since I never found my book, grrrr... Okay...I digress... When we finally got down to WV around 10 P.M. Cool...we don't have to get up early. Yeah right. We ended up awake at 6:15 A.M. Now last year when we visited for Thanksgiving there was only one "Mobile Home", the double wide, where we all stayed. This year Paul & Linda have their own home but we were still a little crammed. Here were the sleeping arrangements: Paul & Linda have their room, Jake & I get Eric's room, along with Elise in the Pack-n-Play, at the end of the bed, Jude in Ashley's room/office/sewing room and that leaves Eric on the couch. It isn't so bad, right? Well, Eric has a full size bed. We are used to a Queen. It wasn't so bad until Jude woke up and got into bed with us. He actually kicked me in the face. Ughhh... So we were up at the crack of dawn, along with the entire family- except Eric who can sleep through anything because he is deaf. Paul whipped up some of his famous pancakes for Breakfast. It was good. Afterwords we all kinda went our own way and did our own thing. Linda was cooking, Paul was working, Jake was hunting, Kids were playing & I was checking out my blog. Ha. The day was kinda a blur. I know we went to this little craft store that ended up being closed & I felt very sick from the curvy roads. I thought I was going to have another puking story for you - but alas, I don't. Wednesday night Jake came running up to the house to say he got a deer (you can read his blog for ALL the details). He was so funny. So proud. Well, he didn't find the deer that night but let me tell you... Tim (aka Applehead) really took some heat because he hasn't got a deer yet. It didn't get real bad until Jake found his deer the next morning. So, Thanksgiving A.M. I went out with the guys and watched as they gutted the thing. It was gross. And smelled bad. Either way, they spent a good part of the day working on the deer. I headed back over to the Applehead house where the guests were arriving. Applehead's parents were there: Jeff & Gail. Gail is very funny. Almost immediately she started talking about my blog. Ha. I knew I liked her for a reason. She let me know right away that she wanted to be in my blog....and not just a little one liner, either. She did request that I not call her Applehead's mom...which is exactly what I would have called her if she didn't make that request. How did she know? Well, her name is Gail. All week-end she was giving me tips on what to add to my blog. I should have been taking notes. Seriously. Then the other guests got there. The one person told me she was nervous about meeting me because she was afraid she would end up in my blog. What???? Am I that bad? So, in one day I had Gail saying she would be offended if she didn't make the blog & the other person saying...don't you dare. OH....my ego. We talked about the blogitty drama with the comment that was left. Everyone seemed to think it was a pleasant post & couldn't figure it out either. Anyhow....the day ended up being a lot of fun. We ate so much. I was stuffed. After dinner we all went to the barn. It is about 3/4 of a mile away from the houses but Gail wanted to walk. Later she admitted she is horribly afraid of the driveway & didn't want to drive it again. We ended up driving anyways. She was fine. We fed the animals & a horse bit Jake. I think that ended his horse whispering days. We went back to the house, ate dessert and we played Euchre. Jake & I kicked serious butt. Oh, and the one couple (no names please) left when I ran over to the other house to get something. I didn't get to say good-bye (sorry). During the game Tim really endured serious ridicule for his lack of deer hunting skills. Jake also got some because his deer was so small (pocket sized?). Paul said the only reason Jake got a deer was because the deer thought he was Tim & felt safe. Ha ha. Poor Applehead.

Okay this is getting long. I will write more about the trip tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I only realized after we were on our way that we had somehow missed saying goodbye to you. I'm sorry about that, because I wanted to tell you I could scan in that cookbook you lost on your computer earlier this year.
DH wanted to get down that lane already mentioned before dark. (We almost made it -- at least it wasn't pitch black.)
Also, I need your address to send the photo CD. Not sure my e-mails are getting to the right address.
Aunt Nancy

Stephanie said...

Have you had any of your deer veal? :) Curious how you like it!